Wind Whispers #5


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Glorantha Has Talent?

We have now posted a ton of info and rules for our contest, Glorantha has Talent?. We have not been shy. So, we won’t rehash it all, except to say we are on BRP Central with rules, info, advice as well as a place where you can post your opinions. We are also on the Wind Words site with all of that. except the public opinions. You can post your entries on the site (to post an entry, go to the site’s home page and click on the envelope icon in the upper right corner and attach it to an email).
So, pop over to one of our two presences on the web for opinions or entries, to read the rules, get advice from your peers and soon even drool over the prizes (which we will have a sneak peak at right away in this very newsletter! A great reason to subscribe)!


To begin with, we will list Glorantha Has Talent?’s prizes in alphabetical order? Why? Well, we don’t have a first second or third place prize! We are well aware that one man’s treasure can be another man’s, “been there done that, already got the `Tee-Shirt!” kind of deal.

So, no sequential order of prizes, for us. We all know how a Prince, Chieftain, or Thane will be chosen, right? No? Well, head right on over to the our contest’s site in the Cloud and check out the Rules as pertains to Judges.

The Prince, as chosen by our wonderful judges, gets the first and the fourth choices of the prizes. The Chieftain gets the second choice and The Thane (number one in our hearts, but number three in the selection process) chooses—well, 3rd!

So let’s gave lo look at our prizes…

The Booty!

Chaosium, Nick Brooke, and Austin Conrad of Akhelas have graciously donated the following wonderful PDFs of their works as prizes and in the case of Austin and Nick they have said they will specially mod the PDFs for the contest. These publishers have been at this for a while so I will let them describe their treasures in their own way! Mind you, I have been working with Austin on his great collection for 3/4 of a year, so I am honoured to put in a bit of a kind word for our prolific genius and his oeuvre.

A Rough Guide to Glamour

A Rough Guide to Glamour
By Nick Brooke, Chris Gidlow, Michael Hagen and friends

“One of our great prizes is a unique digital edition of A Rough Guide to Glamour, the Jonstown Compendium’s first Gold best selling title. It’s your indispensable tourist guide to the capital city of the Lunar Empire, and much more besides, including a city map and gazetteer, two RuneQuest cult write-ups, history, art, fiction, poetry and more.”

Monsters of the Month – January to August!

That’s right! Eight months worth of terror, wonder, awe and cuddly cuteness—all at once.

Austin Conrad has offered the first 8 issues of his wonderful series, Monster of the Month as his treasure to be chosen to by our worthiest and the wisest competitor! He says that those who chose his treasure will also get a special memento from him! Hmm!

His cute, horrible, and awesome pets, all created from his fevered imagination, are in order of appearance:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-19.png
  1. Spirits Of Madness
  2. Geiron Lord Of Elephants
  3. Night Of The QuackIng Dead
  4. Hunters of the Sky
  5. Heortlings of Sartar
  6. Dolorous Edd
  7. Petty Spirits
  8. And a yet to be written 8th issue, I can’t wait!

The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories

Authors divers and varied
From Chaosium

Seven ready-to-play adventures for RuneQuest!

“Set in the mythic fantasy world of Glorantha, The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories features seven complete ready-to-play adventures, taking you from ghoul-haunted catacombs, into mystic ruins, across the arid deserts of Prax, and up to the rocky pinnacle of the Pegasus Plateau!

“Additionally, The Locaem is a new tribe for use by gamemasters and players, and the lonely village of Renekot’s Hope, perched between the Lunar Empire and its enemies in Sartar, provide refuge… or a springboard for adventure!”

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

Authors divers and varied
From Chaosium

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories contains ready-to-play adventures for RuneQuest, taking adventurers across the untamed South Wilds, a region filled with reclusive villagers, ancient ruins, beast folk, troll spirits, undead, wolf-brothers, dinosaurs, monstrous mercenary companies, living trees, surly river spirits, and worse!

“The book also offers a closer look at some significant locations in the South Wilds, and some more adventures – there’s the Wild Temple, a massive open air holy site, the Lost Valley which offers an interesting little community, and the adventures Urvantan’s Tower in which the fate of the Lost Valley relies on quick action from the player characters and Grove of Green Rock, in which the player characters can get hired to help a massive elven project to establish a new sacred grove in Dragon Pass.”

So we look forward to hearing your entries and giving you your choice of these great prizes. Record your work of art, and enter soon!

Jonstown Compendium News

What is it?

Amazingly, we have not described what the Jonstown Compendium is, in all of our Wind Whispers to date! As we intend to visit it often, I will attempt to describe this great library of Glorantha Fan products. Here goes.

 After the fantastic success of the Miskatonic Repository, DriveThruRPGOBS and Chaosium have again created  a marketplace in the cloud for fan created goodness. This time for Gloranthan products, and it is known as the Jonstown Compendium. While this is great for most of us product hungry Glorantha-philes, alas, 13th Age Glorantha is not yet supported. Soon, we hope.

At the moment, new products are sold as PDFs but if enough sales are reached a POD may be offered by the publishers. When buying a Jonstown Compendium product, remember, the author’s Glorantha may well have varied!

So, what do ours gods say? Orlanth gives it 4 very blue thumbs up

Here is En World’s take on the Compendium.
EN WORLD looks at the jonstown Compendium

Kralori Primer

=Kralori Primer
From Paul Baker

This bad boy is too new to have a lot written on it, hell, even the authors acknowledge this, and let us know right away that it is very much a WIP. Still this is the first work on Glorantha’s mystic east by fan or pro, so we had to mention it. 

Quoted from the Authors Blurb

“A source book for the far east of Glorantha.
Warning: This document is a work in progress and not a finalized product.

It forms the basis of a house campaign and will be updated and amended as the campaign progresses.
The Document as mentioned is a work in progress and may contain typos and inconsistencies, which I will up date at a regular interval. The regularity, depending on how my campaign runs and personal commitments.

It should be noted, Chaosium will be producing a Kralori Source book in the future and
much of the information contained within these pages may well be superseded.

Six Seasons in Sartar 13G/HQG Conversion Guide

Six Seasons in Sartar-Conversion Guide
From Andrew Montgomery
Pay what you want

This supplement to the much loved Six Seasons in Sartar helps convert the RQ stat blocks to your 13th Age Glorantha and HeroQuest Glorantha gaming tables.  With rules and guidelines on character creation and converting NPCs you can easily enjoy Six Seasons in Sartar with whatever game system you prefer.  But there is more than that inside!

Tradition: Sandheart Volume Three 

By Jonathan Webb

“For hundreds of years, one day in every year, braziers have been lit in a cave near Sandheart and left to burn for the night. No one can remember why, but it is recorded as an important cult duty and that seems a good enough reason for the tradition to be upheld.

“Another year passes and the militia are sent on their annual pilgrimage to light the braziers. Just the same old same old… but not this time.”

Tradition: Sandheart Volume Three is a mini-campaign set in Sun County and can be played on its own or integrated with Sandheart Volumes One & Two. At 82 pages / 30,000+ words (not counting preface, credits, handouts, etc.), it includes over thirty bespoke illustrations. The scenario is bundled with a 24-page supplement containing printable versions of all the maps and handouts.

—From the authors

Return to the land explored in RQ’s last renaissance back in the 90’s by luminaries like Michael O’Brien and Ken Ralston, This time out Jonathan Webb and friends explore the “6th Great Tribe of Prax”. 

The other books in the series are:

Tales of the Sun County Militia: Sandheart Volume 1
The Corn Dolls: Sandheart Volume 2

Heort’s Legacy

Heorts Legacy`
From Alistair Jones, Edan Jones

And again, I will turn to the authors own words:

“Contained within are several series of questions to add even more variety to Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes’ clan questionnaire: providing variants for Orlanthi of solar, earth, darkness or water tendencies, and others from less orthodox members of the storm pantheon.”

So for use with HQ,  we get an expansion to fill out clan myths and adventurer’s history beyond the Orlanthi norm. Great show boys!

From the Spider’s Web

News of Glorantha caught in our webs from elsewheres in the cyber realms. 

Today we head to BRP Central to find a truly great free resource to navigate the crowded lands of Dragon Pass to locals where one might find adventure of the Jonstown Compendium sort under every tree and in every alley. 

From BRP Central


Adventure Locations—By AndreJarosch

Where in Dragon Pass is, oh… Apple Lane?

And is there adventure to be had there?

Andre Jarosch has answered both questions by undertaking the task of displaying where published scenarios can be found in these beautiful Dragon Pass maps, 

In his own words:

“Inspired by the map in “The Pegasus Plateau”, and with the kind permission of Chaosium Inc., i made my own “Adventure Locations” maps.”

The following list of maps is just a start, he has since added and amended the maps a few times. Visit here before visiting The Jonstown Compendium for the latest on info on where the scenario takes place and in what rules systems.

Map I. Adventure Locations in official RQG publications:
Map II. Adventure Locations in Jonstown Compendium publications
Map III. Adventure Locations in official RuneQuest 2 and RuneQuest 3 publications
Map IV. Adventure Locations in official HeroWars, HQ, HQ 2 and HQ Glorantha publication

Thanks Andre!

Rumour Tables 

The Company of the Dragon

Rumour says this might be by Andrew Logan Montgomery. I tend to believe such rumours.

Rolls dice… (clickety clack, click click……….clack)
Reads dice… (03)!
Consults table (woohoo)!

Hmm suspicious, a great roll and a rumour that comes with very professional looking cover art. I have a sinking suspicion this might rate a T on the Rumour Table. Well, let’s see what this rumour says… A first look at a nominal sequel. Well that is intriguing and enigmatic, hmm.

From Andrew Logan Montgomery

“IN WRITING THE COMPANY OF THE DRAGON, the one thing I didn’t want to do was a sequel.  Six Seasons in Sartar is a self-contained story; it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  It struck me as silly to just have “continuing adventures” tacked on, as if the ancient Third Age poet Usuphus of Jonstown just kept cranking out additional epics like some  Gloranthan Jerry Bruckheimer.  So from the start I knew The Company of the Dragon had to be something different.  It would have to be 100% compatible with Seasons, but also a stand-alone project.” 

Well that’s it for the Rumou…hey what was that crash and bang… what odd critter is that butting it’s way into our Newsletter? AGAIN?

Austin, is this one of yours? Huh, what’s that? A runaway MotM? A Storm Ram? You don’t say! Hey. stop that, aw man,  who gets the job of cleaning up after him? 

Darn monsters, wait for your month!

Dragon Pass On Pennies A Season!

Gloranthan Goodness even a stick picker can afford 

“So. work is irregular, discretionary income is shrinking faster and faster, but damn it, We want to try this Glorantha thing and see what all the fuss is about. After all, we have plenty of time.”

 Well, believe it or not, a large amount of Gloranthan exploration is possible for free… yes, let me repeat that, a large amount of fun can be had evaluating Gloranthan Goodness for free!

 Oh, if you are like the Wind Words’ cast you will want to invest a few shiny gold Wheels into the hobby but, if reality does not allow for this and you exist on a bolg budget with golden dreams, well… what is a curious adventurer to do? Over the next few months on an irregular basis when they turn Wind Whispers over to me, I will look at a few free or cheap items of Gloranthan Goodness to bring to you attention.

From Chaosium

RuneQuest Evaluation for Free!

Our friends at Chaosium are helping the bored and broke “want to be adventures” with quite a few items but let’s go back to before the start of the modern era of RQ.  

“Sherman, set the wayback machine for the heady days of 2017.” 

Way back when Chaosium was giving away the only version of RQG it had… Free! Let me quote from their blurb of today.

“Try the Ennie-Award-winning RuneQuest Quickstart Rules & Adventure for free! This 48-page booklet provides all the info you need to begin play, from basic rules, five pregenerated adventurers, and a full adventure, letting you step right into the world of Glorantha!

GMed this after having it for only a couple of days at my FLGS’s free game-day for four Glorantha newbies back in ’17 and it was great (a few problems were had, but they were ones that everyone noted at the time and they led to official rule changes since!). Yeah, Chaosium said if first and probably best in the above blurb… I have nothing to add. Click download, read, evaluate and then—enjoy!

Argan Argar Atlas

From Chaosium


All Glorantha on your hard drive! This will cover your big picture view for a long time to come in more maps than you will need… Though the year is fixed at 1625 it is still useful to all Gloranthan RPGs to a greater or lesser degree. There will be a few discrepancies if you flavour of Glorantha does not hew to the RQ G canonical timeline but nothing to invalidate the maps usefulness. To be really complete one will still need to draw or buy the local maps (this freebie does not do it all. But we all like to do the local maps, no?).

From the ad

“The Argan Argan Atlas is the perfect companion to the Guide to Glorantha with all of the regional maps of Glorantha collected in a single reference volume. The enchanted world of Glorantha is fully illuminated with over 120 full page colour maps by Colin Driver and Jeff Richard based on Greg Stafford’s original hand-drawings.

The AAA is the complete atlas of the entire Middle World in astonishing detail. The whole of Glorantha is mapped in amazing detail, including all of Genertela, Pamaltela, Jrustela, the East Islands, Vormain, and more.

Details include:

  • every human settlement of 1000 inhabitants or more
  • major non-human settlements
  • important ruins
  • elevation contours (on 1000 foot gradients)
  • significant rivers, forests, and marshes
  • and much much more.”RuneQuest – Getting Started

RuneQuest: The Rattling Wind


So let’s see, a free book of rules that includes a scenario and an atlas of the world and no money has changed hands. What can be better? How about another free scenario? One that is a tribute to Glorantha’s founding shaman, Greg Stafford? This one was done in memory of Greg Stafford’s passing. Before playing this, give the page at the above URL a read
. #weareallus – Play a Tabletop Game to Remember Greg Stafford.

Quoted from

“The world of Glorantha was Greg’s creation in 1966; and is now one of the oldest, most detailed, and most influential roleplaying settings ever published. The Rattling Wind is a brand new RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha adventure by Helena Nash, suitable for four-to-six new or moderately experienced adventurers. It is a preview chapter from The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories, a forthcoming adventures anthology.”

Get the download here.

The Rattling Wind

So, that’s it for Glorantha on Pennies a Day and for that matter also for Wind Words #5. Thank you ever so much for having us on your computer or device!

See y’all next issue in about a week!

One More Peek


It’s just so frickin’ beautiful, I needed one more look! Thanks for the pic MOB! 

To drool a bit longer go to MOB’s posting and pics on BRP Central

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