Wind Whispers #6


And it is Jörg’s time again to write about the news and related stuff about the world of Glorantha, the publishers creating stuff for that, and a selection of fan-written stuff dealing with the world and the games for it.

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Glorantha has Talent?

Yes, Bill told you everything about this contest in last week’s Wind Whispers. Or did he?

Work behind the scenes continues while we are talking to our judges and listening to the first contributions. Watch the threads on BRP Central for tidbits on the contest. So send in your material! Surely you can do better than Bill and Jörg with their examples in the last two podcasts!

Chaosium News

Illustrator Loic Muzy has been showing off some work-in-progress on Twitter – an illustration of a bare-chested Ernalda lounging with a snake on one arm and a bushel of grain in the other.

GenCon Online RQG Sessions on YouTube

Watch these videos to learn how the folk at Chaosium run a convention adventure, especially if you are a GM who might wish to run the scenarios for other players.

In Jason Durall’s session “The Forest on the Waves” from GenCon Online the pregen characters Vasana, Sorala, Harmast, Nathem and Vastor are sent on a mission from Clearwine to Nochet by Argrath, carrying gifts for Queen Samastina.

Michael O’Brien ran “The Getting of Wisdom“, an initiatory scenario for Lhankor Mhy apprentices, with his usual MGF approach showing through.

Bill says he his sorry that his plans to attend as our on-site reporter suffered from too much work to do for our podcast and connection problems.

New in the Jonstown Compendium

Men of the West by Martin Helsdon is taking the approach of The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass and applies it to western Genertela. Dozens more illustrations of warriors and their equipment.

mow front.png

Remembering Caroman by Michael Paul O’Sullivan is an adventure building on the last field battle of the Lunar conquest of Sartar. In a situation not unlike the Spartan defense at the Thermopylae, the Lunar invaders bypassed Prince Salinarg’s defensive position in the Sambari Pass, and this story starts with the funeral of a widow of one of the glorious but defeated guardians of the pass. Meet their restless spirits, and lay them to rest?

This is the expanded version of a scenario from one of the scenarios provided by the Cult of Chaos to volunteer GMs at conventions.

Other News from the Community

Roleplaying History presented by Shannon Appelcline

Shannon is the author of the definitive work on the history of roleplaying, Designers and Dragons, and he keeps putting out the results of his research on

As a former employee of Chaosium, Shannon has a good idea on what went on with our favourite publisher of Glorantha material, and his recent article on The Chaosium Connections comes with a chart showing the interactions of Chaosium with other companies.

There is hardly anything on the history of licensees in other languages, though. I appreciate that it is hard to do research in a language that you don’t read yourself, but maybe there are people from those countries who could contribute and share their experiences.

In similar news, Shannon published an interview with the people behind Pavic Tales, the first known fanzine for RuneQuest. This British fanzine was the predecessor to the well-known Tales of the Reaching Moon, and it amounted to nine issues in the years 1987-1989. Originals are hard to find, and probably collectors’ items these days.

Both Pavic Tales and Reaching Moon Megacorp are going to get more detailed attention in Shannon’s next project in the series, named “The Lost Histories”.

What is trending on BRP Central?

Glorantha fans keep surprising us with the topics they discuss. One of the most recent explorations goes almost skin deep, as people are discussing Gloranthan underwear.

There is plenty more to discover, Just dive in!

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