Glorantha Initiation: Amber and Christian, Wolves, Book Problems, and Actual Play

In this episode of the Glorantha Initiation Series we chat with Amber and Christian, from DMs After Dark! We mention using Glorantha’s unique character concepts to lure players into a new campaign, collecting too many books, different game styles and pacing, sharing narrative control, managing sensitive topics, skipping elements of the lore, old school vs new school dungeon crawling, and of course wolves!

Episode 31: Treasures of Glorantha

A new episode is out but Joerg still doesn’t have his replacement laptop so there are no detailed show notes again! Our Guest We welcome the ever prolific Austin Conrad back on the show to…

Episode 30: Questworlds Glorantha

Show Notes Joerg is still without a computer, so not only are there no detailed show notes again, but he’s not here to stop me from giving a clickbaity title to this episode! Because, indeed,…

Episode 29: Furthest in Tarsh

Our Guests For this episode, we have Nick Brooke and Simon Bray as our guests to talk about Simon’s book Furthest, Crown Jewel of Lunar Tarsh, and about what goes on in Lunar Tarsh in…

Episode 28: Gloranthan Free Forms

Put on your best hat, because it’s time for some Gloranthan freeforms! David Hall, Kevin Jacklin, and Joerg explain to Ludo what a freeform is, and how to play in one. We chat about gaming history, conventions, Tales of the Reaching Moon, strategically placed clouds, and more!

Episode 26: Chaos Rises!

We finally talk about 13th Age Glorantha, with guests Becca and Evan from Iconic Production! We look at 13AG’s strengths, compare it to RuneQuest and Questworlds, and plunder it for cool mechanics to use in other TTRPG games!

Episode 25: Making Up Cults!

Joerg and Ludo welcome Austin Conrad, of Monster of the Month fame, to talk about making up your own cults! We chat about the different types of cults, bounce random ideas for new cults, look at Hrunda from Austin’s “To Hunt A God”, and more!