Wind Whispers #1


Here is our very first issue of Wind Whispers, our (hopefully) weekly Gloranthan news. You can register via RSS or via email to get these news delivered directly to your feed reader app or email inbox! Yes, email newsletters are cool again!

Chaosium News

The White Bull Campaign actual play has gone live on Twitch! This is a RuneQuest game GMed by Jeff Richard himself, and featuring a handful of other Chaosium players. Right now you have to be a subscriber on Twitch to view it, but it should be posted soon on Chaosium’s YouTube channel.


The printing proofs for The Pegasus Plateau have been approved, which means that this collection of adventures and settings for RuneQuest is going to print soon.


Finally, we were apparently so awesome with our Gloranthan podcast ramblings that Chaosium decided to join in the fun: they started their own podcast! Their first episode is an audio live play of “The Dead Within”, an upcoming Call of Cthulhu adventure, but they promise many other things in upcoming episodes such as developer interviews and news!

Sadly it seems to be only available on Spotify at the moment… we hope they will offer an RSS feed soon, along with adding themselves to the other popular podcast repositories.

Jonstown Compendium News

With the Jonstown Compendium releases routinely popping up in DriveThruRPG’s top community sales and even, sometimes, overall top sales, RPG news website ENWorld decided to take a look at it. You’ll spot many usual suspects taking a day off from the BRP Central forums to talk to the masses here!

New Releases

Secrets of Dorastor, written by Simon Phipp, provides everything you need to run a campaign in the Chaos-filled region of Dorastor, arguably the most dangerous place in Glorantha.

Speaking of Chaos, Dario Corallo continues producing Gloranthan themed “tokens” for use with Virtual Tabletops such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. His newest creation is focused around Chaotic creatures, so I guess that could come in handy when your party gets stuck in Dorastor.

Volume 3 of Sandheart, subtitled Tradition, is the newest entry in Jonathan Webb’s Praxian police procedural campaign. This time Jon went all out on the art budget, and this book is significantly prettier than the previous ones (disclaimer: Ludovic did one illustration in this book).

The Rostakori Clan, by Paul Baker, extends on the clan already presented in The Red Deer Saga books.

Petty Spirits is the new entry in Austin Conrad’s Monster of the Month series. It describes four spirits one could encounter in around Dragon Pass, complete with a bestiary-type write-up and stat block.

Trinkets from Dragon Pass is a very short (two pages!) list of small items one can encounter in the central part of Genertela. What the title says, basically.

Heort’s Legacy collects additional questions to add the HeroQuest (now QuestWorld) clan questionnaire featured in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. This allows players to make clans that vary from traditional Earth and Storm alignments.

Valley of Plenty is now available in Print-on-Demand! If you’re not a PDF-person, now is your chance to get this wonderful introduction to Glorantha and HeroQuest/QuestWorlds.

Rumours and Upcoming

Diana Probst, of Beer With Teeth, is teasing their next book on Twitter: The Dregs of Clearwine. She even did it twice!


Other Publications

The Black Gate, a long running online fantasy magazine, has an article about the excellent HeroQuest campaign books The Coming Storm and The Eleven Lights.

Italian people, a version of the RuneQuest Quickstart is now available in your language:

Moving Pictures

Dethstrok9, who usually makes videos about Call of Cthulhu on his channel, recently fell into a RuneQuest-shaped hole and hasn’t quite come back out yet. He is in the middle of playing The Dragon of Thunder Hills, from the RuneQuest Gamemaster Screen Pack. He posted part 3 of this live play this week.

Overheard At The Market

Ever wanted to know what Bronze Age cuisine tasted like? Bill Sutherland, over on twitter, has tried a Mesopotamian recipe from 1750 BCE, and written about this culinary experience!


This is a nice and quick read while we wait for the official Gloranthan Cookbook… and speaking of food, Newt Newport, from D101 Games, has edible Duck Runes with duck in them!


The recent launch of The Last of Us: Part 2 triggered a debate around the portrayal of “buff women” in video games. Jan Popisil, artist of Gloranthan video game Six Ages, shared his favourite relevant illustrations, such as these:


Find someone who loves you as much as how Babeester Gorites love severed hands!

And speaking of Six Ages, here’s a teaser from the next Six Ages game, “Lights Going Out” (can you guess what Gloranthan period it is set in?):


Ian from Fenris Games has shared several pictures of some cool Gloranthesque miniatures on Twitter… the pumpkin bear is especially cool! Here’s one of the pictures:


We would like to remind you that Ian is the guy who has some Rune tattoos on his right arm, in case you were doubting his dedication:


If you want more Gloranthan tattoos, there’s a thread on the RuneQuest Facebook group with a few awesome ones!

KlêiosCanvas is continuing to create very evocative Gloranthan art and is, apparently, available for commissions!

Seven Ancient Moon Goddesses

Meanwhile in the Real World

A vast Neolithic circle of “deep shafts” has been found around the Durrington Walls site, near Stonehenge. What kind of Dragonewt magic is this?!


That’s it for this week! Did we miss anything? Contact us at and we’ll feature it in next week’s issue of Wind Whispers!

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