Some Gloranthan Fanzines


I managed to grab four old Gloranthan fanzines from the second-hand market… if you have read them, feel free to point me to a particular piece of material you like in them!

Update: I have gotten some information from David Scott and, of course, from my co-host Joerg! Only the Book of Drastic Resolutions can be considered as a “fanzine”. It contains “lots of unofficial detail on Prax, much by the editor of French Dieux Nomades.

The rest are mostly freeform game reports:

Report on the Fall of Boldhome was only available to players in the first ever run of Home of the Bold in 1992, it’s a freeform report. We naturally overprinted and sold a few extra, but I don’t think more than 100 exist.

David’s report is Tonaling Great Helm. There’s more information here, including pictures of the “specially minted” in-game currency.

The broken Council Guidebook is the players book for the Broken Council Freeform. Apparently I acquired the second edition for the second run.

Broken Council Guidebook is the equivalent to Rough Guide to Glamour, the setting book for the freeform/multiplayer strategy game Broken Council. Written with access to then unpublished detail by Greg, filled up with the writers’ imagination. Contradicted in various places by the Guide to Glorantha.

And finally, about Tarsh War:

It’s a mini-freeform for 12 players and a referee, or a great backdrop for a mini-campaign set in 1619 in Exiles territory while Fazzur marches on Whitewall.

Joerg tells me it’s probably the “most fun to read”, and Nick Brooke on Twitter told me he was very happy with that book in particular, so I’ll start with that!

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