Found Document: Voralan Stories


This small collection of illustrated parchments was found stuck between the pages of a very a couple lengthy and rather soporific books on Esrolian gardening. It looks like the scholar that was meant to copy or catalogue the books instead spent his or her time writing and drawing these bad elf-related jokes. The author is unknown.

The brown elf, the green elf, the fire elf, the white elf, the blue elf, and the yellow elf all squeeze into a very small forest clearing. They wave to the black elf and say “come on in and join us!” The black elf replies: “I don’t think you have mush-room”.

Some time later, the black elf’s brother comes to the clearing and slowly squeezes himself into the midst of the other elves. A great deal of elfish giggling ensues. Green elf says “your sister didn’t want to come on in and join us. You’re much better!” The black elf’s brother replies: “Yes, I am a fungi”.

“Never let a dad into a Glorantha forum to tell dad mushroom jokes”. That’s the morel of the story.

Of course, the author is not unknown. These jokes are by Brian Duguid (author of Children of Hykim), who nicely agreed to have them re-posted here even though, he said “but they are terrible!“. The drawings are by me (Ludovic).

Anyway, I love the internet, that’s where people can post shiitakes like these.

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