Found Document: The Multi-Dimensional God Plane


This appears to be a Jrusteli Document, dated 846 or 847. It was discovered in we started cleaning this old Zzaburi tower we now occupy. There seems to be a lot of leftover junk from the previous owners, so we may have more material to share as we recover and classify it.

On the multi-diensionality of the Prechronal Plane and its application to Ranging via incremental Identification

By Mohvrieni Falos da Guad, 2nd Order of Procedural Prechronal Studies

In which we acknowledge the fantastic work accomplished by Argelos Minhas and his team on the optimization of prechronal expedition preparations, and propose an alternative approach to targeted incursions. By leveraging the multi-dimensionality of the prechronal plane, we can range from a lower level identification to a higher level identification via liminal spaces between synchronizable narratives. This threshold is highly resistant, with perforation often resulting in dramatic narrative shockwaves, but we believe this to be a promising new avenue for some types of research. Further experimentation is needed.

The Prechronal Crystal Model

We started our investigation with the theoretical so-called “crystal model” of the Prechronal Plane, pioneered by Jirtsyl Alhberr et al. This model indicates that some myths could be so different from others that they “settle” into a different “facet” of the “Prechronal Crystal” (PCC). As per the Classical Model, the PCC would contain different versions of the same myth, as experienced from different cultural perspectives, but these would be settled on the same facet. Other narratively incompatible myths would settle on different facets. Different facets would be at different hyper-angles from each other, which we hope can be measured empirically to establish baseline knowledge of the threshold resistance to expect when ranging between the two.

As an example, the creation myths of the Theyelans and Dara-Happans are settled on the same facet, or facets oriented at very close hyper-angles from each other. The Hsunchen creation myth, however, often only feature their World Dragon (H1.21-24) and its implosion necessary to create the universe. The draconic ancestors Hykim (H1.52-5521) and Mikyh (H1.52-5522) then appear and, depending on the incursion’s immersion level, may interact with other figures from other myths, such as Yelm (DT3.80-0008) and Umath (DT4.81-1003).

Jirtsyl’s work was mostly focused on immersion levels 5 and above, where the “pure, original” myths are experienced, if they exist. This is where the hyper-angle is maximized and approaches the limit of a pocket reality independent of the others, yet connected in its outcome of the present Material World. Our work, instead, focused on lower immersion levels, 3 and below.

Incremental Identification through Faceted Incursions

Our work started with the Identification of lower impact figures in loosely related facets. To use the Hsunchen creation myth as an example again, we penetrated the myth version that featured Umath (DT4.81-1003) as a possible mate for Mikyh (H1.52-5522) and an alternate origin for the Urox (DT4.90-5456). Identification with Umath was much easier that way because of its much lower importance in this myth. Resource expenditure at this stage was 92% down, although of course the identification was achieved on a lesser version (see full results and methodology in Appendices B and C).

Trying to immediately jump to a Theyelan facet from there mostly resulted in failure, as the replacement of Hsunchen draconic spirits with the Elemental pantheon in a single step backfired consistently (see losses and incident reports in Appendix E). These failures created reality branch X-GF.12-5212, which was reinforced by repeated failures past the Tereols Threshold[1], and was therefore abandoned as per the usual security measures.

Instead, we started developing a “facet-hopping” technique where we get increasingly closer to identification with the Theyelan persona of Umath (DT4.81-1003), starting from his more anecdotal Hsunchen persona (H1.98-1512). It currently takes 6 steps to reliably make the transition, making use of lower hyper-angles between narratives. Unfortunately, at this time, the overall resource expenditure is 125% that of a more straightforward Theyelan incursion. We believe that the ideal number of facet jumps is 3, which gives us a ideal estimate of 67% overall resource expenditure when compared to a more straightforward Theyelan incursion. In fact, we believe the PCC to be hyper-regular on base 3, which would indicate that…

[1] We do believe the Tereols Threshold is entirely too conservative and prevents proper research from happening. We believe it could be more than doubled while still being within reasonable distance from world destruction. See attached Motion for the Relaxation of the Tereols Threshold.

The rest of the document was damaged beyond reading. The damaged parts don’t seem to contain everything, however, so I’ll keep looking for more salvageable pages.

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