The inaugural episode of Wind Words! We apologize for the audio quality: bear with us as we learn how to edit and mix recorded voices.


  • Why are we entering the adventurous world of podcasting?
  • Musings about the RuneQuest Renaissances.
  • When and how did we get into RuneQuest?

The Herald’s Podium

Our collection of news (at the time of recording):

Rumor Table

Main Topic

How can you introduce your players to Glorantha? We provide practical advice and personal experiences on how to get into the setting, and how to present it.

We mention the prevalence of magic and gods in Glorantha, offer suggestions for limiting the choice of cults with new players, and explain how people can learn the setting as they play. We also suggest limiting character knowledge by playing inexperienced characters, or a band of trollkins or ducks.

Two threads on BRP Central which inspired our discussion:

Munchrooms scenario for trollkins, and necessary background for trolls:

An all-duck game:

Sources for Gloranthan pictures:

Computer game suitable for introducing you to the setting:


The Once and Future King was written by T.H. White.

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