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Glorantha Has Talent?

The countdown has begun!


How to find out how the winners are chosen & then how they (the winners) will choose their prizes…

We all know how a Prince, Chieftain, or Thane of Entertainment will be chosen, right? No? Well, head right on over to the our contest’s site in the “Cloud” and check out the Rules as pertains to Judges.

The Prince, as chosen by our wonderful judges, gets the first and the fourth choices of the prizes. The Chieftain gets the second choice and The Thane (number one in our hearts, but number three in the selection process) chooses … well, 3rd!

The Booty!

Head to godlearners.com/blog to see more about the contest and read about the fantastic prizes Psst, c’mere kid, we can sneak you one more peek at the covers right here…


Chaosium News

Rune Quest Japan!

Rattling Wind now out in Japanese

Every one’s favourite “animated war chariot bent on carnage” returns. This time in Japanese. But beware, my Japanese friends, this adventure is reputed to have a bit if a kick. Adjudicate accordingly

Rune Quest Germany!

RQ G begins translation & Crowd funding news

Joerg delves deep into the German news and comes up hoping for gold!

The German edition of RuneQuest. Roleplaying in Glorantha is finally moving onward!

Patric Göetz, the proprietor of Uhrwerk Verlag, the German licensee for RQG, did have to shoulder an insolvency through 2019, which really threw a spanner into his plans on having this game out already.

Uhrwerk Verlag publishes one original German RPG and setting, Splittermond (“splintered moon”, and no, this is not a Gloranthan 4th Age utopia), and various German translations of well-established English RPGs like Fate,Numenera, Coriolis. (“Uhrwerk” means clockwork.)

Uhrwerk Verlag has successfully overcome that insolvency, and work on the translation has gone on even when the fate of the publisher wasn‘t absolutely clear, but in January Patric was back in control of his business, and now he has named a date for the crowdfunding of the German edition of the rules.

Crowdfunding a translation of an RPG into another language is a common approach, as it gives the publisher a solid number of sold copies and hence a much lower risk. This is true for translations into English from other languages, too.

Anyway, Patric announced on tanelorn.net, a venerable German language forum for all things about RPGs, that – barring major unforeseen calamities – the crowdfunding will run from September 18th to October 12th.

The object of this crowd-funding will be just the RQG rules book, not the entire slipcase edition. The Bestiary will be the next item down the line, but its realization will depend on the success of the crowdfunding for the rules book. Any hopes for getting the slipcase edition translated and published from this crowdfunding was a tad too optimistic.

Production options are said to include standard (cardboard cover, colourfully printed), leatherette, or genuine leather, plus pdf.

Danke Schön, Jörg! Nice digging! Go to Rune Quest Germany in Discord for more info!

Jonstown Compendium News

Secrets of Dorastor 

Short note on a very quiet week for the Jonstown Compendium.

 Simon Phipp had informed BRP Central, just before we went to press, of a major update to his Secrets of Dorastor, by Master Gollum to make it like the classic mode of yesteryear’s classic Dorastor: Land of Doom! If you have already bought this work head to the Jonstown Compendium for your free update. Still here is what we do know.

Oh, and here is a peek at the Secrets to Dorastors innards thanks to Simon! Yum!

So, of course, there will be much more to come in future Wind Whispers issues! One quiet week in how many busy ones? Not so bad, eh? 

From the Spider’s Web

News of Glorantha caught in our webs from elsewheres in the cyber realms. 

Notes From Pavis

Roleplaying and GM notes mostly in Gloranthan context

Hannu Kokko has been a friend of Glorantha for forever. Interestingly he does not play in your more traditional gaming systems for the world but uses Mythras (formerly RQ6). 

There is a wealth of Gloranthan Gold here and great tools for his favourite version of d100 games! 

Hats off to Hannu Kokko! Give his site a look!

From BRP Central

Walrus Ivory and Orlanthi Naval Culture?

Today’s treats from BRP Central are two fine treatises. The first is on Ivory and trade in a topic created by Garrik, and then we take a look at the can of  worms opened by Joerg in his topic  on why naval cultures and the Orlnathi do not jive in his Glorantha!  

Joerg gets us all started and then like a true Eurmali devotee sits back and watches the action unfold!

Rumour Tables

supplied by Ludo

Rolls dice… (clickety clack, click click……….clack)
Reads dice… (93)! Well now…
Consults table (hmm)…

You know, somedays this stuff just writes itself…


Wed, Sep 9, 6:55 PM (2 days ago)

to Austin, tribe

On Wed, Sep 9, 2020, at 02:13, Austin wrote:

“As always, in case you’re in need of rumors to fill column inches…

“September’s Monster of the Month will be titled Children of Melikaphkaz. Who’s Melikaphkaz? Why, he’s the O-God of Traps! What’s an O-God? I’m not telling you yet.  You’ll get to meet his children this month—those which serve as cult spirits, anyway—along with a short-form version of his cult, but it will still be some time before Melikaphkaz is ready to publish.”


“Nice! So many mysteries! So many secrets!
Wait… was that email a trap itself?
Anyway, thanks for the rumour as always ;)”


I suspect a plant in Ye Olde Rumour Tables this week… a ringer, if you will. I mean (and trust me, I will get to the truth of this), that would give this rumour an A… too Awful to contemplate. So in the end I will have to rate this rumour a T… for Too good to be true… 

Cha-ching, column inches filled!
Mission Accomplished!!

…and briefly, with a roll of 55% we end up with a piece I think is T for True…

A Swedish version of RQG will have original material based on Fronela

(Ludo recommends Google Translate for this site)

From the Blue Green Marble

Sounds of the Forest

Ludo has found a gem!

Need the sound of songbirds in the pines north of Alone and know it sounds a lot like Châteauguay, Quebec, in Canada, well this is the page for you!

Aha. so that is what the Norwegian Blue sounds like when it is pining for the fjords!

Convention News

Three & a bit Weeks to Glorantha Games 2020:
Glorantha at Home

By pookie,

Take it away Pookie (quoted from his post on BRP Central).

“Glorantha Games 2020: Glorantha at Home takes place on Saturday, October 3rd.”

“We are looking for Game Masters to run scenarios set in Glorantha using RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, QuestWorlds (HeroQuest), 13th Age Glorantha, and RuneQuest Classic.

“Plenty of slots open and we definitely need more GMs and more games.

Let us know if you want to be a GM and send us your scenario.”

 From BRP Central

A Noob’s Rough Guide to PAX ONLINE

Does that wonderful green bring to mind retro 80s video games?

PAX Orientation for the Virtual World

SAT 12/09 3:30 PM – SAT 12/09 4:30 PM

So, events for 9 days and for the full 24 hours of the day! 24/9! So, how could I choose, how could I decide that I want to catch: this panel or should I try to look in on that event? It’s not science folks, I have no idea what I am doing. Limited convention experience, doncha know. So, I chose by luck and daring. I guessed. 

There are four broad categories, here I find that I have chosen, again with no forethought having passed my fevered brow other than that of the looming deadline. The long past looming deadline…

In no particular order the categories I went with were: 1) Glorantha-ness, 2) the Ability to inspire creativity in Gloranthan games (sometimes a stretch or hell, perhaps I even make an error, did I say I knew what  was doing?), 3) Music (all the podcast crew are musicians) and  finally, with what is happening in our world—4) Inclusivity. A word on the final category; I am of a certain gender and of a certain age, I mean really—again I have no idea what I am talking about—so, I am going to do myself a favour and catch the Black In Game panel, and a few of the LGBQT panels, the indigenous panels… well you get my drift. I am going to look around at the con, have a game or two and some fun, and learn a bit as well. 

The final category, I have not yet mentioned. It was important that the item I listed had caught my eye. Nothing fancy or grand, just that it made me want to see what it was about. Oh. and I guess the first entry has no category at all except, “So, are ya new in town, sailor?” 

Lastly a few housekeeping notes. 

So. I have ordered the chosen events below by date from Saturday the 12th until Sunday the 20th. The events by the hours in each properly sorted day may be sorted in chronological order or they might not. All times given are in Mountain Daylight Time. Set your clocks accordingly.

Not to be lazy, but the text is the original text from the PAX schedules. I would not be able to do better not having seen the events. This podcast is not making anything by doing this, no financial gain and time and resources this year are limited but most importantly we simply want to give an assist to worthy endeavours in our fave world for our favourite games. This was the easiest and best way to achieve that! The individuals involved in the events will know the best way to present their event and there is no way I can top that.

Next, some items are prerecorded and a look at Pax’s schedule will reveal which ones these are. In fact, the following picks are not a replacement for their schedule by any stretch of the imagination They are simply… well as I said above, guesses made by a near noob at cons on which items might be cool to participate in or that I might learn from. Lastly, check it out, they have all the overlapping events items listed in each entry so you can make an educated choice on where you should be or maybe it could have you flipping back and forth between two or three events.  (the number of events and festivals I attend that could use this but do not, well I could just spit) I suspect there is at least one error in the times below, there may be more. so to be safe, always refer to the schedule at Pax Online for the (more?) correct info.

What little italicized found text below is mine. All other is the event’s organizer or their representative.



PAX Orientation for the Virtual World

SAT 12/09 3:30 PM – SAT 12/09 4:30 PM


This first article is kind of like the city that is so great everyone says its name twice. NY, NY! I thought this was so great for the noob that I list the time and place above… twice! And you though I goofed.

New to PAX? New to doing virtual cons? The Orientation panel returns to unleash a barrage of tips, tricks, and hints that’ll help you maximize your PAX XP. Hear from members of the industry during this fun, inclusive panel designed to help you make the most of the first-ever virtual PAX.


Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows [Writer, Gorgeous Robot], Carmen Askerneese [Game Writer, Self], Ash Sevilla [Community Manager, Parallel Space Inc], Cissy Jones [Voice Actor, Three in a Row, Inc.], Erin Fusco [America’s Best Friend, Private Citizen]

Collaborative Homebrew 101:
A Cure for the Common Murderhobo

SAT 12/09 2:00 PM – SAT 12/09 3:00 PM


We’ve all been there: After hours of meticulously planning an epic campaign, our players kill the quest NPC and run off after the first shiny thing they see. The cure for this problem may be easier than you think. With your help we’ll create a world from scratch, and then we’ll crowdsource some story hooks with the audience to create a whole campaign of our own. You can steal this adventure and use it in your own game, or steal the techniques and keep your players chomping at the bit.


Adam Johns [Executive Director / Therapeutic Game Master, Game to Grow], Adam Davis [Executive Director / Therapeutic Game Master, Game to Grow], Lauren Urban [Community Manager, DnD Beyond], Lauren Bond [Content Creator, RandomTuesday], Cicero Holmes [“Perrin”, Rivals of Waterdeep]


Inclusion and Sensitivities
of Indigenous Culture in Games

SUN 20/09 2:15 AM – SUN 20/09 3:15 AM


During this talk Phoebe Watson, a proud Yarrer Gunditj woman, will speak about her experience in the processes she takes to include Aboriginal Culture into the game InnChanted. Highlighting the benefits of including Aboriginal culture in games and the importance of it along the way. She will also discuss how to approach this for developers who are uncertain about how to begin the process and what to keep in mind.


Phoebe Watson

Fantasy and Indigenous Culture:
Collaborating with First Nations Musicians
on the Innchanted Soundtrack

SUN 13/09 12:00 AM – SAT 12/09 1:00 AM


How does a non-Indigenous composer try to create an Indigenous Australian game score? By connecting with some of the most talented Indigenous Australian musicians around.

Composer Meena Shamaly details his process of collaborating with First Nations musicians to create a culturally respectful, celebratory, and entertaining score to InnChanted, a game set in a fantasy Australian world. It is a process of complete openness and extensive cultural dialogue, as well as collaborative experimentation and free-spirited improvisation from the musicians. Meena draws on his knowledge as a game composer, his own cultural experience as a session musician, and his extensive research involved in presenting the music of video games on ABC Classic (not to mention his lifelong obsession with video game music).

This talk will break down Meena’s sessions and conversations with some of Australia’s most talented First Nations musicians, including Allara Briggs-Pattison (NIMA 2020 finalist for New Talent of the Year), Kiernan Ironfield (of DRMNGNOW), and Eric Avery (renowned violinist, dancer, and creator of Dancing with Strangers). It will showcase how a game score can be composed not just in response to the game itself, but also to the musicians’ innate connection to culture and language, no matter the instruments on which they express themselves.


Meena Shamaly

Black in Gaming (BIG)

SUN 13/09 8:15 PM – SUN 13/09 9:45 PM


The Black In Gaming Awards is an annual event that recognizes the achievement of black gaming professionals. We build an inclusive community by championing diversity in video game development and we are committed to creating a pipeline of opportunity for the cultivation and advancement of diverse talent. Black In Gaming (BIG) is dedicated to cultivating, supporting, and promoting Black professionals in the game industry.

The Lyrical:
From Games to Gigs

SUN 13/09 3:30 AM – SUN 13/09 4:30 AM


A live concert from amazing Brisbane-based musician, Karl Smith, playing a dynamic set of music inspired by a lifelong love of games. See more at https://thelyrical.com/

Myth and Fantasy Gaming

SUN 13/09 2:45 AM – SUN 13/09 3:45 AM


Join Chaosium’s Jeff Richard (RuneQuest, The Guide to Glorantha) and David Larkins (Berlin The Wicked City, King Arthur Pendragon) as we talk about the mythology behind Fantasy RPG and how to bring mythic themes into your gaming experiences. We’ll draw on real world historical mythology (King Arthur Pendragon) and fictional (RuneQuest) as well as mixtures of the two (Nephilim and Call of Cthulhu).


Michael Douglas O’Brien [Vice President, Chaosium Inc.], Jeff Richard [Creative Director, Chaosium Inc.], David Larkins [Line Editor, Pendragon, Chaosium Inc.]

Sunday Night Concert – 88Bit

SUN 13/09 10:30 PM – SUN 13/09 11:30 PM


88bit is the alter ego of Cleveland-based composer/pianist, Rob Kovacs, where he performs virtuosic note-for-note piano arrangements of classic video game soundtracks from the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Kovacs’ repertoire consists of music from Mega Man 2, Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest as well as lesser-known games such as Marble Madness, Adventures of Lolo, Arkista’s Ring and others. By acoustically recreating early electronic music (music never intended to be performed by humans), Kovacs is stretching the limits of traditional classical piano playing and bringing video game music to audiences that might never have otherwise heard the music.

Dinner and a Videogame

SUN 13/09 9:15 PM – SUN 13/09 10:15 PM


Join Clueless Gamer’s Aaron Bleyaert as he tries to make a video game themed dinner while playing games with some special guests.

*Food poisoning has entered the chat*


Aaron Bleyaert [Producer, Team Coco]

Dinner, a concert and video games! Sounds like my kind of a romantic eve!


Being Black in Game Audio

MON 14/09 11:30 AM – MON 14/09 12:30 PM


When discussing racial inequality in America, it’s often said that minority groups have to work twice as hard to get half as far. In spite of a public commitment to diversity, black talent continues to be severely underrepresented in a largely homogeneous game industry and the game audio community is no exception. Join a panel of black game audio professionals as they discuss their experiences, problems, and the way their lives have changed in the wake of the events of 2020.


John Smith [Composer & Sound Designer, Slide20XX], Mega Ran [Musician, RandomBeats, LLC], Calbert Warner [Composer, JumpButton Studio], Dorrell Ettienne [Composer, Dorrell Ettienne], Chase Bethea [Composer, Chase Bethea], Devlon Samuels [Composers, Devlon Samuel]


We’re Here, We’re Queer, Now What?
LGBTQ in the industry

TUE 15/09 3:00 PM – TUE 15/09 4:00 PM


We’re here, we’re queer, what’s next? Being queer in the games industry means navigating a lot of things—and sometimes even publicly! How do you learn to build healthy boundaries around what you do and don’t want to share online? What are some of the risks you face when you’re openly queer in games? How do you create, market, or discuss a game that’s inclusive of queer identities that are both your own, and not your own? From game developers to journalists and entertainers, we’re here to explore the world of queerness in games in (and out) of the workplace.


Ana Valens [Reporter, The Daily Dot], Francesca Carletto-Leon [Game Designer, Contigo Games], Dani Lalonders [Head Developer & Game Designer, ValiDate Game], Nikatine [Ambassador, Twitch], Dreadful Damsel [Animator, Team Nimbus]

PAX Community Discord Game Night

TUE 15/09 10:30 PM – TUE 15/09 11:30 PM


Looking for a night of games, trivia, laughs, and fun? Look no further than the PAX Community Discord Game Night! Test your knowledge about PAX and the gaming community at large! Earn prizes, impress your friends, or even make some new friends all night long! Make sure to drop by for a night you won’t soon forget!


Andeh#0001 [Community Leader, PCD], gfx#0001 [Community Leader, PCD], xJediDadx#1924 [PCD Ambassador, PCD], zRych#2411 [PCD Moderator, PCD], TheZeroHourHero #6538 [PCD Ambassador, PCD], Lindy [PCD Ambassador, PCD]

Chaosium Creator’s Series:

TUE 15/09 3:45 AM – TUE 15/09 5:45 AM


Join a cast of brand new players as they explore RuneQuest for the first time! The perfect actual play to learn more about the mythic setting of RuneQuest, and the unique (and brutal!) game mechanics.


Todd Gardiner [Chaosium], Becca Scott [Good Time Society], Noura Ibrahim [L.A. By Night], Panda [PandaTV], Brian Holland [Chaosium]


Digital Dragons –
TableTop Roleplaying in the Online Age

TUE 15/09 9:30 PM – TUE 15/09 10:30 PM


The internet has brought us closer together than ever before, letting us connect and play games with friends around the world. So how is the power of connectivity helped to evolve TableTop Roleplaying Games, a traditionally face-to-face gaming medium? What tools are being made to facilitate play and to help fledgling content creators, and how is the internet leading to a “roleplaying renaissance”?

A panel of content creators, streamers, podcasters, and all ‘round RPG fanatics will answer all your burning questions and share their experiences in the expansive world of online TTRPGs.


Scarlet Moth [Freelance Artist, Cosplayer, D&D Streamer, n/a], Matt/Briefcase [DM, Producer, Editor, Split the Party], BurrowsRed [Content Creator, Wisdom Saves], Shauntelle B [Writer, actor, streamer and psychologist, Words with Colour], Elyssa Grant [Senior Producer and Partnerships Manager, Penny Arcade], Makenzie De Armas [Ennie Winning TTRPG Creator, Lead Writer for The Islands of Sina Una]


The Non-Programmers Guide to the Gaming Galaxy

TUE 15/09 11:30 PM – WED 16/09 12:30 AM


Have you long dreamed about joining the games industry, but you don’t know how to code? Perhaps you’ve gotten into a balance argument on Twitter with a game developer who you didn’t actually realise worked in publishing? Maybe you’ve just straight up wondered how the heck a modern video game not only gets made, but continues to run? If this sounds like you, then DON’T PANIC! Because you just discovered the perfect panel to answer all your questions.

Despite the common misconception, not everyone who works on making a video game is a programmer or engineer. Our panellists today come to you from AAA studio Wargaming Sydney, with a wealth of experience across Product Management, Community, Marketing, Art, Design, and User Experience. Eager to share their journeys and highlights about producing games before, during, and after launch.

You’ll walk away from this engaging discussion thinking “so long, and thanks for all the facts!” Just don’t forget to bring a towel…


JayRated [Product Manager, World of Tanks ANZ, Wargaming], Vondle [Community Manager, World of Tanks ANZ, Wargaming], Dean Finnigan [Lead Artist, Wargaming], Jemima Gulliver [Junior Technical Artist, Wargaming], Holly Hawkins [Junior Game Designer, Wargaming], Veronica Tjakrawisada [User Interface Designer, Wargaming]

Up Your Game:
The Building Blocks for Better Online Gaming

WED 16/09 12:00 AM – TUE 15/09 1:00 AM


Can’t seem to climb out of bronze? Connectivity issues getting you down? Can’t help but take the bait and get 3v1ed? From securing low latency, to getting the right peripherals, to honing your in-game skills, to avoiding the dreaded tilt, hear from a panel of experts on how anyone can start the climb out of the gulag or ELO hell.

Get a foot in the RPG industry door
with community content!

WED 16/09 3:30 AM – WED 16/09 4:30 AM


Want to write for roleplaying games? Now is the perfect time to get your foot in the industry door with community content programs on DriveThruRPG. The DM’s Guild (Dungeons & Dragons), Miskatonic Repository (Call of Cthulhu), Jonstown Compendium (RuneQuest), Explorers’ Society (7th Sea), and other community content programs are an ideal proving ground for you to hone your writing and creating skills, publish your work, and build an audience. And come to the attention of major publishers like Wizards of the Coast and Chaosium!

In this workshop, bestselling DM’s Guild writer M.T. Black, DM’s Guild brand manager Lysa Penrose, and Chaosium vice president Michael O’Brien take you through the process of creating and publishing community content on DriveThruRPG, and how this led to M.T. Black writing for WotC itself (Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus).


Michael O’Brien [Vice President, Chaosium Inc.], M.T. Black [Writer, DM’s Guild], Lysa Penrose [Brand Manager, DM’s Guild, OneBookShelf]

Bird is the Word | Winged Heroes in Indie Games

WED 16/09 12:45 PM – WED 16/09 1:45 PM


The last few years have given corvids, canaries, and pigeons plenty to celebrate. A new batch of indie games feature birds in leading roles. From anthropomorphic beings to avian companions, birds in games are riding an upward thermal, with little signs of slowing down.

This panel features developers and journalists discussing what it is about birds that make them apt leading characters, the process of designing an avian hero, and where the genre-spanning-niche-community goes from here.


Megan Fox [Founder, Glass Bottom Games LLC], Rebekah Valentine [Senior Staff Writer, GamesIndustry.biz], Nicholas McDonnell [Director, Samurai Punk], Tan Kang Soon [Animator & Technical Artist, Joysteak Studios], Joel Davis [Animator, Stonewheat & Sons]

A Guided Tour to ‘80s Computer Retrogaming

WED 16/09 2:00 PM – WED 16/09 3:00 PM


Retrogaming is more popular than ever, and it’s never been easier to play history’s greatest videogames. But while vintage consoles and arcade games are increasingly accessible, classic computer games remain a bit arcane, and it’s easy to miss out on some amazing games buried in the floppy disks of yore.

So join us for a guided tour to an age of forgotten home computers, when PCs didn’t have the best computer games and they didn’t even make games for Windows yet. There’s no DOSBox where we’re going!

What’s worth playing? How do the emulators work? What’s BASIC? If you’ve never heard of a Commodore 64 or an Apple ][ and want to explore a new frontier of undiscovered retro goodness, join some game design professors to learn about getting into games on everything from the Amiga to ZX Spectrum.


Alexander King [Adjunct Professor, NYU Game Center], Naomi Clark [Assistant Arts Professor, NYU Game Center], Clara Fernández-Vara [Associate Arts Professor, NYU Game Center], Bennett Foddy [Associate Arts Professor, NYU Game Center], Jesse Fuchs [Adjunct Professor, NYU Game Center]

Oooh I think I will be seeing this!


Improv in Roleplaying:
How To Run A Game In The Now

THU 17/09 5:15 PM – THU 17/09 6:15 PM


Are you a Game Master that dreads when your players go off script? Does the thought of the adventurers wandering back into town instead of into your intricately planned dungeon make you throw your intricately drawn maps out a window? Well, then, Improvisation in Roleplaying is the panel for you. Join an expert team of authors, comedians and expert tabletop maestros and learn the secrets of how to improvise and adapt so that you can handle anything your players can throw at you… either in person or online! All while having more fun!


John Serpico [Director/Instructor, ImprovBoston], Melissa Carubia [Director/Instructor, The Company Theater], Auston Habershaw [Author, Harper Voyager], Samantha LeVangie [Performer, ImprovBoston], Bobby Smithney [Performer/Instructor, ImprovBoston]

Sound Design Live:
Watch Us Recreate Video Game Sounds

THU 17/09 11:00 AM – THU 17/09 11:30 AM


Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a professional video game sound effect? Watch us recreate sound effects from popular video games like Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, and League of Legends with regular items like dining silverware, balloons… or maybe even a prop or item from the audience. During this panel, we will record sound effects with a microphone, edit and process them together on a computer, and show the full process for creating a polished video game sound effect.


Ryan Stunkel [Owner, Blipsounds LLC]

A Black Vision of Science Fiction

THU 17/09 11:30 AM – THU 17/09 12:30 PM


What does sci-fi look like when you consciously step outside the bounds of western ideals of fiction? Afrofuturism imagines a future through an unapologetically Black lense, and its influence is expanding into the world of games. Game developers and writers who explore this bold new vision will converge to speak on what Afrofuturism is, where it’s going, how it interacts with the world of games, and where the art will go from here.


Xalavier Nelson Jr. [Narrative Director, Heart Shaped Games], Anthony Jones [Art Director, Heart Shaped Games], Jordan Minor [Analyst, PC Mag], Ural Garrett [Project Manager, iamMedia]

Diversity is Not a Gimmick
—Prioritizing Inclusion in Tabletop

THU 17/09 6:45 PM – THU 17/09 7:45 PM


Come join Skybound Tabletop and friends as they discuss the need for diversity in the industry. Diversity and inclusion are necessities that are vital to our community and require thoughtful consideration. It is not right to watch the community grow and not let the content and makers of our games grow as well. Our industry has been treating diversity like a gimmick, and that just makes it ten times harder for others to take this seriously. Let’s talk about what we’ve been doing already and what more we can do in the future to expand our games, people, and community in general.


Maya Coleman [Kickstarter Manager, Skybound], James Hudson [Senior Director of Tabletop, Skybound], Anya Combs [Director of Games, Kickstarter], Jeremy Howard [Contributor, Man vs Meeple], Marcus Ross [Operations Manager/Lead Game Designer, Water Bear Games], Cara Michele Ryan [Art Director/Game Designer, Water Bear Games]

Drink This:
How to Create Game Themed Cocktails You’ll Love

FRI 18/09 8:00 PM – FRI 18/09 9:00 PM


Hello adventurer! You fought through the dungeon, sailed the open sea, rescued the princess, and somehow managed not to get eaten by a grue. Take this cocktail, you’ve earned it!

Our geek cocktail expert, Lynn, will guide you in shaking up cocktails that will invoke the enchanting worlds and unforgettable characters of games you know and love. Learn with our panel of games industry experts as we explore how to incorporate innovative ingredients to create thoughtful, well-balanced game-themed cocktails and mocktails together. Follow along with the ingredient list, get creative, and explore how to use your newly leveled-up skills to design your own recipes!


Lynn Richter [Owner, AwkwardNerd Events], Nika Nour [Executive Director, IGDA Foundation], Anya Combs [Director of Games, Kickstarter], Jerry Belich [Game Designer, Alt Ctrl Wizard]

Gold Games on the Silver Screen

FRI 18/09 12:45 AM – THU 17/09 1:45 AM


Do you have a favourite gaming scene from a movie? Do you even watch movies without gaming in them? Join the Clocked team plus special guests as they dive into the decorated history of video games on the silver screen.

Dicebreaker Presents:
How to Run an Amazing Tabletop RPG Session
(with special guests)

FRI 18/09 12:15 PM – FRI 18/09 1:15 PM


Wanting to get to grips with the ABCs of RPGs? The Dicebreaker team run through 13 top tips on how to run a fantastic roleplaying session, from giving your story twists and turns without flying off the rails to making the world come alive. Plus, star GMs, RPG designers and fans tell us about their most memorable moments roleplaying!

The ABCs of Community Building

SAT 19/09 12:30 PM – SAT 19/09 1:30 PM


No matter your role in the game industry – developer, writer, publicist, streamer – you create entertainment people love. From this shared passion and excitement springs forth… COMMUNITY! Heck. Now what? Bringing together talented community builders from many facets of the industry, this panel teaches you skills to foster and grow game communities with intention. Learn how to harness the power of community as your greatest advocates via a simple three-pronged approach. It’s as easy as A-B-C!


Lysa Penrose [Owner, Behold Her Studio], Tanya Depass [Director & Founder, I Need Diverse Games], LaTia Bryant [Community Manager, D&D Adventurers League], Brenna Noonan [Co-Founder, Quillsilver Studio], Rachel Billings [Community Manager, Resonym]

Second Saturday

Rest and…

Not sure if this is a wise idea but I will plan nothing for this day but will simply drift with the wind! Orlanth be kind!

Second Sunday

Tea with Grandma Gamers:
Old Ladies Talk #$%@ about Games

SUN 20/09 4:30 PM – SUN 20/09 5:30 PM


It’s a virtual tea party, complete with flowered hats, lace gloves and lots of grandmas! We plan to let it all out when it comes to gaming and what we love (and hate) about our favorite games. From Skyrim, to The Sims to Resident Evil 3, we touch on all kinds of gaming experiences. So if you ever wanted to watch a gaggle of Grandmas giggle and gossip about gaming, here is your chance!

Tell me this does not sound d@mn interesting! This Ol’ F@rt will be there!


Jessa [YouTuber, The Jessa Channel], Shirley Curry [YouTuber, Shirley Curry], Merrie [Livestreamer, Merrie/LadyMpire]

Environmental Storytelling:
Familiar Worlds You Never Knew

SUN 20/09 5:45 PM – SUN 20/09 6:45 PM


Striking Distance Studios, Survios, and Schell Games invite you to join a discussion on environmental storytelling in video games! Featuring panelists from a variety of game design disciplines across AAA development and virtual reality, panelists will discuss the importance of designing worlds with a narrative eye.

Join Glen Schofield, Tate Mosesian, and Dave Bennett as they highlight their favorite examples of environmental storytelling, which will provide attendees with a new appreciation for the worlds they play in.


Glen Schofield [CEO, Striking Distance Studios], Tate Mosesian [Art Director, Survios], Dave [Senior Game Designer, Schell Games]

Let me know how this noob did, What did I miss, what did not hit the spot!

Thanks for reading and enjoy PAX!


Hello and welcome to Wind Whispers #7. If you’re reading this in a web browser, you can subscribe to Wind Whispers by email here.

Chaosium News

RuneQuest Classic Reprints


They’re coming soon! It sounds like Chaosium is currently reviewing the print proofs, and testing the online infrastructure for placing orders through the Chaosium website…

Also, note that these reprints do include some of the extra material that was compiled for the Glorantha Classics, such as extra items in Plunder or designer notes in Griffin Mountain.

More Cults of Glorantha work-in-progress

Loic Muzy, which we mentioned already a few times here, has shared more work-in-progress art for the upcoming Cults of Glorantha book! Look at this marvelous Storm Bull, for instance:

Loic Muzy isn’t the only artist working on this giant tome, however. Agathe Pitie shared the piece below which will probably send our own Joerg into over-analysis mode!

Jonstown Compendium News

Storm Rams

The “Monster of the Month” series from Austin Conrad continues with volume 8, “Storm Rams”! It focuses on a new spirit which is the “embodiment of rain-giving clouds”.

Secrets of Heroquesting

Simon Phipp is sharing his Gloranthan secrets once again, after “Secrets of Dorastor“, which we mentioned in past issues of Wind Whispers. This time, he’s writing about the “Secrets of Heroquesting“, sharing tips for game masters and players alike, detailing rules for heroes and heroquesters, and much more.

It’s not clear how these rules will survive the upcoming release of the “RuneQuest Gamemaster Guide”, which will supposedly contain Chaosium’s own heroquesting rules… but having two sets of rules for heroquesting will definitely be better than 40 years with none! Also, “Secrets of Heroquesting” contains a large amount of descriptive advice that most likely has timeless value anyway.

Sandheart remastered and in print

The collaboration between Jonathan Webb and Nick Brooke is paying off, with the latest volume in the Sandheart series being available in hardback! And in addition to that, the first volume has been completely remastered, with new illustrations, maps, and additional text. This remaster is available as a free update if you had already purchased the first volume (that is: you just need to re-download the PDFs). The second volume is of course going to be remastered next, and we can imagine that both volumes one and two will also be available in print-on-demand in the future.

(disclaimer: Wind Words host Ludovic is one of the illustrators)

A Peek at “The Company of the Dragon”

Andrew Logan Montgomery, author of “Six Seasons in Sartar”, shared some information on his blog about “The Company of the Dragon”, the sequel-but-not-quite-sequel to his first campaign. He goes over what we’ll find in this upcoming book, and how it differs from “Six Seasons in Sartar”.

Convention News

Glorantha Games

Glorantha Games 2020 is a virtual convention focused around… well, you can guess what it’s focused around pretty easily. It will happen on October 3rd 2020, and the organizers are still looking for a few more gamemasters… so if you can run some RuneQuest, HeroQuest, QuestWorlds, 13th Age: Glorantha, or even RuneQuest Classic adventure, now’s your time! Register here.


AlbaCon is an “online, charity focused” roleplaying game convention, running for two days on October 3rd and 4th, 2020. The RPG schedule has already been posted and features a couple of Gloranthan games. Grab a seat while you can!

PAX Online

Likewise, the game schedule for PAX Online is now available. The convention is running from September 12th to 20th, and features a good number of Gloranthan games. Chaosium has the link for their own games on their blog.

Elsewhere on Solara’s Web

Hearts in Glorantha

HIG issue 8 cover by Dan Barker

Back in Episode 4 we mentioned that we might see issue 8 of the excellent “Hearts in Glorantha” magazine this summer… Sadly, this has been delayed, as announced in a recent blog post by Newt Newport, its editor in chief and main author.

The good news however is that the back issues might see a print-on-demand re-run. You can sign up right now for which issues you’re interested in: if there are enough customers, the printing could be done with a higher quality provider.

Jason Durall on the Grognard Files podcast

Jason Durall, line editor for RuneQuest, is the guest of honour for the excellent Grognard Files podcast’s 5th year anniversary episode. This is fitting since the very first episode was about RuneQuest.

Jason shares some very fun stories about his career, and most notably his move to Germany, meeting with Jeff Richard for the first time, and some awkward beginnings. He also gives some information on the upcoming RuneQuest Starter Set, which is “hopefully” coming before the end of the year, and includes a return to the Rainbow Mounds as one of its three adventures!

Griffin Mountain: Remastered in French

Philippe Auribeau, the person in charge of the French edition of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha produced by Studio Deadcrows, was interviewed by French RPG channel “Roliste TV” recently. In it, he talks about the various projects he’s working on, but most importantly (at least for Wind Whispers) reveals that Studio Deadcrows is planning to translate the classic Griffin Mountain campaign into French. Not only that, but the campaign will be updated for the latest edition of RuneQuest. And not only that, but they plan on vastly expanding it, complementing the sandbox hexcrawl of the original with an optional campaign made of several semi-original scenarios! Given the history of close collaboration between Chaosium and its foreign licensees, there is a chance that if such a project is successful, it could be translated back to English for the international market!

Six Ages art for Sale


Simon Roy, artist for the Gloranthan video game “Six Ages” (the sequel to “King of Dragon Pass”), is selling some of the video game’s art online.

Online Reviews

Seth Skorkowski reviews The Broken Tower

The always excellent Seth Skorkowski posted a review of the RuneQuest Quickstart rules and adventure a few months ago after having played it on James Chambers’ channel (we had discussed these live games on the podcast at the time). As always, Seth makes several good points about the book, and provides helpful suggestions for future gamemasters.

Pookie reviews Valley of Plenty


Reviews from R’lyeh is taking a look at Troupe Games’ “Valley of Plenty”, a Jonstown Compendium clan saga that starts you off as a kid in the Dundealos tribe.

Meanwhile, on Earth

Paint your cows!

Eyes painted on cattle rumps trick lions into thinking they have lost the element of surprise, a new study suggests.

Apparently, painting eyes on your cows’ behinds is helpful to keep those pesky trollkins away.

The Fall of the First Cities: The Sumerians

Do you want to see a documentary on Sumerian cities? Of course you do!

The Street Foods of Ancient Rome

Image for post

In a past Wind Words episode, we mentioned rather unsavoury types of food that could be found at the Pavis market… if you want inspiration for more appetizing treats, we have an article for you!

And it is Jörg’s time again to write about the news and related stuff about the world of Glorantha, the publishers creating stuff for that, and a selection of fan-written stuff dealing with the world and the games for it.

If you’re reading this in a web browser, remember that you can subscribe for it by email.

Glorantha has Talent?

Yes, Bill told you everything about this contest in last week’s Wind Whispers. Or did he?

Work behind the scenes continues while we are talking to our judges and listening to the first contributions. Watch the threads on BRP Central for tidbits on the contest. So send in your material! Surely you can do better than Bill and Jörg with their examples in the last two podcasts!

Chaosium News

Illustrator Loic Muzy has been showing off some work-in-progress on Twitter – an illustration of a bare-chested Ernalda lounging with a snake on one arm and a bushel of grain in the other.

GenCon Online RQG Sessions on YouTube

Watch these videos to learn how the folk at Chaosium run a convention adventure, especially if you are a GM who might wish to run the scenarios for other players.

In Jason Durall’s session “The Forest on the Waves” from GenCon Online the pregen characters Vasana, Sorala, Harmast, Nathem and Vastor are sent on a mission from Clearwine to Nochet by Argrath, carrying gifts for Queen Samastina.

Michael O’Brien ran “The Getting of Wisdom“, an initiatory scenario for Lhankor Mhy apprentices, with his usual MGF approach showing through.

Bill says he his sorry that his plans to attend as our on-site reporter suffered from too much work to do for our podcast and connection problems.

New in the Jonstown Compendium

Men of the West by Martin Helsdon is taking the approach of The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass and applies it to western Genertela. Dozens more illustrations of warriors and their equipment.

mow front.png

Remembering Caroman by Michael Paul O’Sullivan is an adventure building on the last field battle of the Lunar conquest of Sartar. In a situation not unlike the Spartan defense at the Thermopylae, the Lunar invaders bypassed Prince Salinarg’s defensive position in the Sambari Pass, and this story starts with the funeral of a widow of one of the glorious but defeated guardians of the pass. Meet their restless spirits, and lay them to rest?

This is the expanded version of a scenario from one of the scenarios provided by the Cult of Chaos to volunteer GMs at conventions.

Other News from the Community

Roleplaying History presented by Shannon Appelcline

Shannon is the author of the definitive work on the history of roleplaying, Designers and Dragons, and he keeps putting out the results of his research on rpg.net.

As a former employee of Chaosium, Shannon has a good idea on what went on with our favourite publisher of Glorantha material, and his recent article on The Chaosium Connections comes with a chart showing the interactions of Chaosium with other companies.

There is hardly anything on the history of licensees in other languages, though. I appreciate that it is hard to do research in a language that you don’t read yourself, but maybe there are people from those countries who could contribute and share their experiences.

In similar news, Shannon published an interview with the people behind Pavic Tales, the first known fanzine for RuneQuest. This British fanzine was the predecessor to the well-known Tales of the Reaching Moon, and it amounted to nine issues in the years 1987-1989. Originals are hard to find, and probably collectors’ items these days.

Both Pavic Tales and Reaching Moon Megacorp are going to get more detailed attention in Shannon’s next project in the series, named “The Lost Histories”.

What is trending on BRP Central?

Glorantha fans keep surprising us with the topics they discuss. One of the most recent explorations goes almost skin deep, as people are discussing Gloranthan underwear.

There is plenty more to discover, Just dive in!

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Glorantha Has Talent?

We have now posted a ton of info and rules for our contest, Glorantha has Talent?. We have not been shy. So, we won’t rehash it all, except to say we are on BRP Central with rules, info, advice as well as a place where you can post your opinions. We are also on the Wind Words site with all of that. except the public opinions. You can post your entries on the site (to post an entry, go to the site’s home page and click on the envelope icon in the upper right corner and attach it to an email).
So, pop over to one of our two presences on the web for opinions or entries, to read the rules, get advice from your peers and soon even drool over the prizes (which we will have a sneak peak at right away in this very newsletter! A great reason to subscribe)!


To begin with, we will list Glorantha Has Talent?’s prizes in alphabetical order? Why? Well, we don’t have a first second or third place prize! We are well aware that one man’s treasure can be another man’s, “been there done that, already got the `Tee-Shirt!” kind of deal.

So, no sequential order of prizes, for us. We all know how a Prince, Chieftain, or Thane will be chosen, right? No? Well, head right on over to the our contest’s site in the Cloud and check out the Rules as pertains to Judges.

The Prince, as chosen by our wonderful judges, gets the first and the fourth choices of the prizes. The Chieftain gets the second choice and The Thane (number one in our hearts, but number three in the selection process) chooses—well, 3rd!

So let’s gave lo look at our prizes…

The Booty!

Chaosium, Nick Brooke, and Austin Conrad of Akhelas have graciously donated the following wonderful PDFs of their works as prizes and in the case of Austin and Nick they have said they will specially mod the PDFs for the contest. These publishers have been at this for a while so I will let them describe their treasures in their own way! Mind you, I have been working with Austin on his great collection for 3/4 of a year, so I am honoured to put in a bit of a kind word for our prolific genius and his oeuvre.

A Rough Guide to Glamour

A Rough Guide to Glamour
By Nick Brooke, Chris Gidlow, Michael Hagen and friends

“One of our great prizes is a unique digital edition of A Rough Guide to Glamour, the Jonstown Compendium’s first Gold best selling title. It’s your indispensable tourist guide to the capital city of the Lunar Empire, and much more besides, including a city map and gazetteer, two RuneQuest cult write-ups, history, art, fiction, poetry and more.”

Monsters of the Month – January to August!

That’s right! Eight months worth of terror, wonder, awe and cuddly cuteness—all at once.

Austin Conrad has offered the first 8 issues of his wonderful series, Monster of the Month as his treasure to be chosen to by our worthiest and the wisest competitor! He says that those who chose his treasure will also get a special memento from him! Hmm!

His cute, horrible, and awesome pets, all created from his fevered imagination, are in order of appearance:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-19.png
  1. Spirits Of Madness
  2. Geiron Lord Of Elephants
  3. Night Of The QuackIng Dead
  4. Hunters of the Sky
  5. Heortlings of Sartar
  6. Dolorous Edd
  7. Petty Spirits
  8. And a yet to be written 8th issue, I can’t wait!

The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories

Authors divers and varied
From Chaosium

Seven ready-to-play adventures for RuneQuest!

“Set in the mythic fantasy world of Glorantha, The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories features seven complete ready-to-play adventures, taking you from ghoul-haunted catacombs, into mystic ruins, across the arid deserts of Prax, and up to the rocky pinnacle of the Pegasus Plateau!

“Additionally, The Locaem is a new tribe for use by gamemasters and players, and the lonely village of Renekot’s Hope, perched between the Lunar Empire and its enemies in Sartar, provide refuge… or a springboard for adventure!”

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

Authors divers and varied
From Chaosium

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories contains ready-to-play adventures for RuneQuest, taking adventurers across the untamed South Wilds, a region filled with reclusive villagers, ancient ruins, beast folk, troll spirits, undead, wolf-brothers, dinosaurs, monstrous mercenary companies, living trees, surly river spirits, and worse!

“The book also offers a closer look at some significant locations in the South Wilds, and some more adventures – there’s the Wild Temple, a massive open air holy site, the Lost Valley which offers an interesting little community, and the adventures Urvantan’s Tower in which the fate of the Lost Valley relies on quick action from the player characters and Grove of Green Rock, in which the player characters can get hired to help a massive elven project to establish a new sacred grove in Dragon Pass.”

So we look forward to hearing your entries and giving you your choice of these great prizes. Record your work of art, and enter soon!

Jonstown Compendium News

What is it?

Amazingly, we have not described what the Jonstown Compendium is, in all of our Wind Whispers to date! As we intend to visit it often, I will attempt to describe this great library of Glorantha Fan products. Here goes.

 After the fantastic success of the Miskatonic Repository, DriveThruRPGOBS and Chaosium have again created  a marketplace in the cloud for fan created goodness. This time for Gloranthan products, and it is known as the Jonstown Compendium. While this is great for most of us product hungry Glorantha-philes, alas, 13th Age Glorantha is not yet supported. Soon, we hope.

At the moment, new products are sold as PDFs but if enough sales are reached a POD may be offered by the publishers. When buying a Jonstown Compendium product, remember, the author’s Glorantha may well have varied!

So, what do ours gods say? Orlanth gives it 4 very blue thumbs up

Here is En World’s take on the Compendium.
EN WORLD looks at the jonstown Compendium

Kralori Primer

=Kralori Primer
From Paul Baker

This bad boy is too new to have a lot written on it, hell, even the authors acknowledge this, and let us know right away that it is very much a WIP. Still this is the first work on Glorantha’s mystic east by fan or pro, so we had to mention it. 

Quoted from the Authors Blurb

“A source book for the far east of Glorantha.
Warning: This document is a work in progress and not a finalized product.

It forms the basis of a house campaign and will be updated and amended as the campaign progresses.
The Document as mentioned is a work in progress and may contain typos and inconsistencies, which I will up date at a regular interval. The regularity, depending on how my campaign runs and personal commitments.

It should be noted, Chaosium will be producing a Kralori Source book in the future and
much of the information contained within these pages may well be superseded.

Six Seasons in Sartar 13G/HQG Conversion Guide

Six Seasons in Sartar-Conversion Guide
From Andrew Montgomery
Pay what you want

This supplement to the much loved Six Seasons in Sartar helps convert the RQ stat blocks to your 13th Age Glorantha and HeroQuest Glorantha gaming tables.  With rules and guidelines on character creation and converting NPCs you can easily enjoy Six Seasons in Sartar with whatever game system you prefer.  But there is more than that inside!

Tradition: Sandheart Volume Three 

By Jonathan Webb

“For hundreds of years, one day in every year, braziers have been lit in a cave near Sandheart and left to burn for the night. No one can remember why, but it is recorded as an important cult duty and that seems a good enough reason for the tradition to be upheld.

“Another year passes and the militia are sent on their annual pilgrimage to light the braziers. Just the same old same old… but not this time.”

Tradition: Sandheart Volume Three is a mini-campaign set in Sun County and can be played on its own or integrated with Sandheart Volumes One & Two. At 82 pages / 30,000+ words (not counting preface, credits, handouts, etc.), it includes over thirty bespoke illustrations. The scenario is bundled with a 24-page supplement containing printable versions of all the maps and handouts.

—From the authors

Return to the land explored in RQ’s last renaissance back in the 90’s by luminaries like Michael O’Brien and Ken Ralston, This time out Jonathan Webb and friends explore the “6th Great Tribe of Prax”. 

The other books in the series are:

Tales of the Sun County Militia: Sandheart Volume 1
The Corn Dolls: Sandheart Volume 2

Heort’s Legacy

Heorts Legacy`
From Alistair Jones, Edan Jones

And again, I will turn to the authors own words:

“Contained within are several series of questions to add even more variety to Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes’ clan questionnaire: providing variants for Orlanthi of solar, earth, darkness or water tendencies, and others from less orthodox members of the storm pantheon.”

So for use with HQ,  we get an expansion to fill out clan myths and adventurer’s history beyond the Orlanthi norm. Great show boys!

From the Spider’s Web

News of Glorantha caught in our webs from elsewheres in the cyber realms. 

Today we head to BRP Central to find a truly great free resource to navigate the crowded lands of Dragon Pass to locals where one might find adventure of the Jonstown Compendium sort under every tree and in every alley. 

From BRP Central


Adventure Locations—By AndreJarosch

Where in Dragon Pass is, oh… Apple Lane?

And is there adventure to be had there?

Andre Jarosch has answered both questions by undertaking the task of displaying where published scenarios can be found in these beautiful Dragon Pass maps, 

In his own words:

“Inspired by the map in “The Pegasus Plateau”, and with the kind permission of Chaosium Inc., i made my own “Adventure Locations” maps.”

The following list of maps is just a start, he has since added and amended the maps a few times. Visit here before visiting The Jonstown Compendium for the latest on info on where the scenario takes place and in what rules systems.

Map I. Adventure Locations in official RQG publications:
Map II. Adventure Locations in Jonstown Compendium publications
Map III. Adventure Locations in official RuneQuest 2 and RuneQuest 3 publications
Map IV. Adventure Locations in official HeroWars, HQ, HQ 2 and HQ Glorantha publication

Thanks Andre!

Rumour Tables 

The Company of the Dragon

Rumour says this might be by Andrew Logan Montgomery. I tend to believe such rumours.

Rolls dice… (clickety clack, click click……….clack)
Reads dice… (03)!
Consults table (woohoo)!

Hmm suspicious, a great roll and a rumour that comes with very professional looking cover art. I have a sinking suspicion this might rate a T on the Rumour Table. Well, let’s see what this rumour says… A first look at a nominal sequel. Well that is intriguing and enigmatic, hmm.

From Andrew Logan Montgomery

“IN WRITING THE COMPANY OF THE DRAGON, the one thing I didn’t want to do was a sequel.  Six Seasons in Sartar is a self-contained story; it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  It struck me as silly to just have “continuing adventures” tacked on, as if the ancient Third Age poet Usuphus of Jonstown just kept cranking out additional epics like some  Gloranthan Jerry Bruckheimer.  So from the start I knew The Company of the Dragon had to be something different.  It would have to be 100% compatible with Seasons, but also a stand-alone project.” 

Well that’s it for the Rumou…hey what was that crash and bang… what odd critter is that butting it’s way into our Newsletter? AGAIN?

Austin, is this one of yours? Huh, what’s that? A runaway MotM? A Storm Ram? You don’t say! Hey. stop that, aw man,  who gets the job of cleaning up after him? 

Darn monsters, wait for your month!

Dragon Pass On Pennies A Season!

Gloranthan Goodness even a stick picker can afford 

“So. work is irregular, discretionary income is shrinking faster and faster, but damn it, We want to try this Glorantha thing and see what all the fuss is about. After all, we have plenty of time.”

 Well, believe it or not, a large amount of Gloranthan exploration is possible for free… yes, let me repeat that, a large amount of fun can be had evaluating Gloranthan Goodness for free!

 Oh, if you are like the Wind Words’ cast you will want to invest a few shiny gold Wheels into the hobby but, if reality does not allow for this and you exist on a bolg budget with golden dreams, well… what is a curious adventurer to do? Over the next few months on an irregular basis when they turn Wind Whispers over to me, I will look at a few free or cheap items of Gloranthan Goodness to bring to you attention.

From Chaosium

RuneQuest Evaluation for Free!

Our friends at Chaosium are helping the bored and broke “want to be adventures” with quite a few items but let’s go back to before the start of the modern era of RQ.  

“Sherman, set the wayback machine for the heady days of 2017.” 

Way back when Chaosium was giving away the only version of RQG it had… Free! Let me quote from their blurb of today.

“Try the Ennie-Award-winning RuneQuest Quickstart Rules & Adventure for free! This 48-page booklet provides all the info you need to begin play, from basic rules, five pregenerated adventurers, and a full adventure, letting you step right into the world of Glorantha!

GMed this after having it for only a couple of days at my FLGS’s free game-day for four Glorantha newbies back in ’17 and it was great (a few problems were had, but they were ones that everyone noted at the time and they led to official rule changes since!). Yeah, Chaosium said if first and probably best in the above blurb… I have nothing to add. Click download, read, evaluate and then—enjoy!

Argan Argar Atlas

From Chaosium


All Glorantha on your hard drive! This will cover your big picture view for a long time to come in more maps than you will need… Though the year is fixed at 1625 it is still useful to all Gloranthan RPGs to a greater or lesser degree. There will be a few discrepancies if you flavour of Glorantha does not hew to the RQ G canonical timeline but nothing to invalidate the maps usefulness. To be really complete one will still need to draw or buy the local maps (this freebie does not do it all. But we all like to do the local maps, no?).

From the ad

“The Argan Argan Atlas is the perfect companion to the Guide to Glorantha with all of the regional maps of Glorantha collected in a single reference volume. The enchanted world of Glorantha is fully illuminated with over 120 full page colour maps by Colin Driver and Jeff Richard based on Greg Stafford’s original hand-drawings.

The AAA is the complete atlas of the entire Middle World in astonishing detail. The whole of Glorantha is mapped in amazing detail, including all of Genertela, Pamaltela, Jrustela, the East Islands, Vormain, and more.

Details include:

  • every human settlement of 1000 inhabitants or more
  • major non-human settlements
  • important ruins
  • elevation contours (on 1000 foot gradients)
  • significant rivers, forests, and marshes
  • and much much more.”RuneQuest – Getting Started

RuneQuest: The Rattling Wind


So let’s see, a free book of rules that includes a scenario and an atlas of the world and no money has changed hands. What can be better? How about another free scenario? One that is a tribute to Glorantha’s founding shaman, Greg Stafford? This one was done in memory of Greg Stafford’s passing. Before playing this, give the page at the above URL a read
. #weareallus – Play a Tabletop Game to Remember Greg Stafford.

Quoted from chaosium.com

“The world of Glorantha was Greg’s creation in 1966; and is now one of the oldest, most detailed, and most influential roleplaying settings ever published. The Rattling Wind is a brand new RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha adventure by Helena Nash, suitable for four-to-six new or moderately experienced adventurers. It is a preview chapter from The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories, a forthcoming adventures anthology.”

Get the download here.

The Rattling Wind

So, that’s it for Glorantha on Pennies a Day and for that matter also for Wind Words #5. Thank you ever so much for having us on your computer or device!

See y’all next issue in about a week!

One More Peek


It’s just so frickin’ beautiful, I needed one more look! Thanks for the pic MOB! 

To drool a bit longer go to MOB’s posting and pics on BRP Central

Welcome Participants

May Orlanth toss those that profane these rules from his cloud
May Vaneekara cast those offending souls into the maw of oblivion
Worse yet, may Eurmal detune these curs’ lyres at the worst possible moment
Should malfeasance be their goal!

Glorantha Has Talent? is a contest running on our Wind Words podcast until Late September/Early October or to put it another way, until our 8th episode is published). We will receive entries until the 21st of September 5th of October, midnight PDT (later at the judges discretion, only) (the deadline has now been extended).  We are looking for short (no more than 3 minutes) audio files with Gloranthan content that are entertaining, evocative, and that sound nice (or at least memorable), ideally all at the same time.

Things we would like to hear include, but are not limited to: jokes, short oral myths, filk songs, or more nerdy stuff that could help a player get into character… like traditional Gloranthan greetings, Heortling boasts, a memorable gaming scene reenactment, or similar stuff you may have done for your gaming table’s entertainment. Surprise us, the judges and our audience with yet more ideas brimming with Gloranthan Goodness!

Let’s keep it all in the spirit  of maximum game fun, so treat the judges and their decision with respect as well as your fellow contestants. 

We will funnel your works on to our judges after a quick vetting. The judges will cull the entries down to our finalists and then will vote on our Prince, Chieftain, and Thane (first, second and third prize). Please note that the above Sartarite titles are unisex.

Your contribution may be made public (in MP3 format) on godlearners.com where it will be on display for all to hear, in its full glory. Beyond this use of your recordings to benefit our website and podcasts, the copyright on the entries remains with the content creators. The content creators can reserve the right to withdraw an entry from publication at any time, removing it also from “Glorantha Has Talent?”. 

To be considered a victor we will need the rights to your work for the duration of the contest guaranteed (including for advertising, posting, and then possible broadcasting). Future rights remain with the copyright holder and must be renegotiated for further use.

Copyright held by third parties will hold sway.

“Let‘s take the assumption that you happen to do a beautiful rendering of Boris Mikey‘s filk song “The Day the Flame Died Down” to the melody of Don McLean’s “American Pie”, possibly with the slight re-arrangement to fit the words better to the melody by Nick Brooke. Any of the people listed here plus the performers receive the right to demand a withdrawal of the recording from publication. If necessary leave it to us to edit an already broadcasted episode of Wind Words if we need to remove copyrighted material.

“In order to avoid such bummers, the less material copyrighted by third parties you use, the less chance of losing that work.”

The judges will talk about your submissions, and possibly why they chose them. Bear in mind we don’t bite, They will treat your quirky pieces, badly thought out ideas that come to naught, or half page of scribbled lines with care and sensitivity, be assured.

Record your entry digitally, somehow—everybody reading this has a cell-phone or a computer capable of recording sound. Good sound quality will be a quality of its own, but content and ideas will balance that and bear in mind lo-fi is a thing that  might be used to your advantage. 

Upload your sound file from your device memory either as an e-mail attachment to tribe@windords.fm or upload it to https://www.dropbox.com/request/aORt2e9DPOg7RqEHnput. The Wind Words team will take it from there. If you want to add some corroborative material (a photo or video of you performing, a cover image, a transcript, sheet music, an animation), feel free to do so. It may sway the judges, but remember that the presentation of your entry is on an audio only format.

Guide for the Judges


1. entertainment 
2. Gloranthaness
3. production values

,,,as your guides. And then add in your own values. Be ready to defend these on air.


Ludo’s notes that he penned for the judges, above are a great guide, but we do have a few more principles we would like to introduce to you as well. They are briefly mentioned below.

  • Fun
  • Fairness
  • Simplicity
  • Nice Judging
  • Glorantha-ness

The Contest Rules

Entries have to be follow these constraints (Judges might tend to leniency)

  • Audio-media must be sent to “our dropbox in the clouds” in most modern audio formats
  • No more than 3 minutes in length.
  • In good taste and PG 13.
  • Must allow us publishing rights for the Podcast and Web-Site for the duration of the contest. Further rights may be negotiated.
  • Entries will be received until the 21st of September, midnight, PDT (later at the judges discretion, only).


  • First vetting done by Podcast Crew
  • Those that make the cut go onto the  judges for the finals, Each judge gets three votes to distribute as he or she sees fit and may divide these in any way they choose or give all three to one entry. We will cull half the entries at this time to those with the most votes. Ties will be decided by Bill, Jörg and Ludo as above (3 votes, etc).
  • And then for those who advance, three then will be chosen to be our Prince of Entertainment, our Chieftain of Mirth and our Thane of Good Humour (first, second and third).
  • In disputes or disagreements, Ludo, Bill, and Joerg’s joint decision will be final!

Who may not enter

  • The podcast hosts and the podcast crew, judges, and those who have given prizes for the contest Glorantha Has Talent?, AND their families.

May we wish you all the best of luck!

Bill, Jörg and Ludo!

The Prizes

To begin with, we will list Glorantha Has Talent?’s prizes in alphabetical order? Why? Well, we don’t have a first second or third place prize! We are well aware that one man’s treasure can be another man’s, “been there done that, already got the `Tee-Shirt!” kind of deal.

So, no sequential order of prizes, for us. We all know how a Prince, Chieftain, or Thane will be chosen, right? No? Well, look up to the top of this doc to check out the Rules as pertains to Judges.

The Prince, as chosen by our wonderful judges, gets the first and the fourth choices of the prizes. The Chieftain gets the second choice and The Thane (number one in our hearts, but number three in the selection process) chooses—well, 3rd!

So let’s gave lo look at our prizes…

The Booty!

Chaosium, Nick Brooke, and Austin Conrad of Akhelas have graciously donated the following wonderful PDFs of their works as prizes and in the case of Austin and Nick they have said they will specially mod the PDFs for the contest. These publishers have been at this for a while so I will let them describe their treasures in their own way! Mind you, I have been working with Austin on his great collection for 3/4 of a year, so I am honoured to put in a bit of a kind word for our prolific genius and his oeuvre.

A Rough Guide to Glamour

A Rough Guide to Glamour
By Nick Brooke, Chris Gidlow, Michael Hagen and friends

“One of our great prizes is a unique digital edition of A Rough Guide to Glamour, the Jonstown Compendium’s first Gold best selling title. It’s your indispensable tourist guide to the capital city of the Lunar Empire, and much more besides, including a city map and gazetteer, two RuneQuest cult write-ups, history, art, fiction, poetry and more.”

Monsters of the Month – January to August!

That’s right! Eight months worth of terror, wonder, awe and cuddly cuteness—all at once.

Austin Conrad has offered the first 8 issues of his wonderful series, Monster of the Month as his treasure to be chosen to by our worthiest and the wisest competitor! He says that those who chose his treasure will also get a special memento from him! Hmm!

His cute, horrible, and awesome pets, all created from his fevered imagination, are in order of appearance:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-19.png
  1. Spirits Of Madness
  2. Geiron Lord Of Elephants
  3. Night Of The QuackIng Dead
  4. Hunters of the Sky
  5. Heortlings of Sartar
  6. Dolorous Edd
  7. Petty Spirits
  8. And a yet to be written 8th issue, I can’t wait!

The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories

Authors divers and varied
From Chaosium

Seven ready-to-play adventures for RuneQuest!

“Set in the mythic fantasy world of Glorantha, The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories features seven complete ready-to-play adventures, taking you from ghoul-haunted catacombs, into mystic ruins, across the arid deserts of Prax, and up to the rocky pinnacle of the Pegasus Plateau!

“Additionally, The Locaem is a new tribe for use by gamemasters and players, and the lonely village of Renekot’s Hope, perched between the Lunar Empire and its enemies in Sartar, provide refuge… or a springboard for adventure!”

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories

Authors divers and varied
From Chaosium

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories contains ready-to-play adventures for RuneQuest, taking adventurers across the untamed South Wilds, a region filled with reclusive villagers, ancient ruins, beast folk, troll spirits, undead, wolf-brothers, dinosaurs, monstrous mercenary companies, living trees, surly river spirits, and worse!

“The book also offers a closer look at some significant locations in the South Wilds, and some more adventures – there’s the Wild Temple, a massive open air holy site, the Lost Valley which offers an interesting little community, and the adventures Urvantan’s Tower in which the fate of the Lost Valley relies on quick action from the player characters and Grove of Green Rock, in which the player characters can get hired to help a massive elven project to establish a new sacred grove in Dragon Pass.”


Thanks to the generosity of Neil Gibson, we have an extra prize!

Legion is the silver best-selling Broo NPC supplement for GMs running RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha games.

Broo are a prolific and varied adversary. This supplement provides 94 pre-rolled Chaos enemies from the aspirant lay members to deadly Rune Lord / Priests as well as new deadly diseases that will challenge even the most dedicated Chalana Arroy priestess. Includes 4 beautiful, full colour, full page Broo portraits.

So we look forward to hearing your entries and giving you your choice of these great prizes. Record your work of art, and enter soon!

Hello and welcome to the fourth instalment of Wind Whispers. If you’re reading this in a browser, remember that you can also receive this newsletter by email by subscribing here.

Chaosium News

The Dragon’s Eye is announced

Chaosium just announced that a new RuneQuest: Glorantha sourcebook is in development, and it’s called “The Dragon’s Eye”. This is notable for two reasons.

First, the supplement is written by Jonathan Tweet, whose name should be familiar to anybody who played at least a few RPGs. We’re not going to list his entire resume but let’s just say he co-wrote the old RQ3 Strangers in Prax, and the more recent 13th Age: Glorantha, being also the co-author of 13th Age itself. Of note, he is also the co-author of Ars Magica, which drew inspiration from RuneQuest and, later, influenced RuneQuest back with its innovative sorcery mechanics.

Second, this new supplement will allegedly showcase the “variability” of Glorantha, as per the saying “Your Glorantha May Vary” (YGMV):

Originally conceived as “Your Glorantha May Vary”, this collection of locations demonstrates the versatility of the setting, putting that phrase to work by showing new and veteran gamemasters alike how to customize and make the world of Glorantha their own.

Chaosium blog

It’s not totally clear how that will materialize in the book, but Jonathan tells us that the book is gearing up to be mostly system agnostic, and should have plenty of material even for those running Gloranthan games using HeroQuest or 13th Age.

Read the full announcement on Chaosium’s blog.

Episode 4 of the While Bull campaign


Episode 4 of Jeff Richard’s house campaign is up on Twitch! It should be up on YouTube soon, too, as usual.

David Scott and Ian Cooper on The Rolistes podcast

Episode 41

David Scott (one of Chaosium’s convention coordinators, and an underrated source of Gloranthan knowledge) and Ian Cooper (the line editor for HeroQuest/QuestWorlds) were interviewed by The Rolistes podcast during the Chaosium UK Meetup that happened just before the COVID-19 lockdown in March. In this episode they chat with their host about the (then upcoming) QuestWorld SRD, the guests’ origin stories, and many other interesting things.

You can learn more about The Rolistes on their website.

Resources for online play

Chaosium seems to have been expanding a bit on their online play resources lately. There’s probably nothing new for the experienced players in the audience, but it might be worth pointing to the newbies in your entourage. In particular, Chaosium now has separate pages for each game. Here’s the RuneQuest page, and here’s the HeroQuest page.

RuneQuest en Français

Note quite Chaosium news, but close enough: the French version of RuneQuest: Glorantha seems to have come back from the printer. Does this cover look like it has some embossing?

And let’s not forget that this version of the rulebook contains rule fixes (like some occupation skill bonuses) along with an original scenario!

Jonstown Compendium

There’s nothing to report on the Jonstown Compendium this week.

Remember that if you’re wondering which PDF(s) might be interesting to you, Nick Brooke has a cheap but well maintained index of all Jonstown Compendium scenarios and sourcebooks. For only half a Lunar, you get some solid information that will let you decide what to buy next… it even includes a map of where each PDF is set!

Convention News

Glorantha Games 2020 is happening online

Glorantha Games is a one-day gaming convention dedicated to, well, roleplaying in Glorantha, and that usually happens in Birmingham, UK, for the enjoyment of all the lucky people who happen to live in this hotbed of tabletop gaming. This year it was supposed to happen in April but agents of Mallia had other plans, and the event was understandably cancelled.

Well, as we’ve learned these past few months, COVID-19-related cancellations are not always all bad news, with conventions moving online and, therefore, being accessible to a broader and more diverse audience! Glorantha Games 2020 is therefore open for anyone that can get online on October 3rd. You can register on Warhorn to be notified when further information is revealed.

Rumour Table

Loic Muzy’s allied spirit

Loic Muzy, who recently woke up to a Best Cover Art Ennie Award for Berlin: The Wicked City, seems to be hard at work on the upcoming big cults book for RuneQuest. Not only did we get a couple of glimpses of his work in progress on social media, we also got to meet his allied spirit and, probably, assistant.


QuestWorlds: Glorantha?

Ian Cooper, line editor for QuestWorlds (the new generic line that came out of the HeroQuest rules), has been quite active on the QuestWorlds Facebook group, encouraging community members to participate in the design process for the SRD and upcoming rulebook. This is what he had to say about a Gloranthan sourcebook for QuestWorlds:

For now, HQG is the main published text for Glorantha. QuestWorlds is available but still in development. So the SRD will undergo some revisions before being final. One design goal is the make it more rules-lite, yes.In addition it will be a generic presentation. In the medium term, for Glorantha you are probably best of grabbing HQG and incorporating any rules changes from QW you are comfortable with. That may end up, for you, with only really using the ‘genre pack’ elements of HQG such as the magic, keywords etc.A “QuestWorlds Glorantha” will come at some point, and will probably be more than just a reprint of HQG with the new mechanics. But that is a way off.

Ian Cooper, QuestWorlds Facebook group

About RuneQuest 3 remasters

Rick Meints, president of Chaosium and expert archivist, gave us some behind-the-scenes information about the state of RQ3’s catalog with regards to seeing it re-released in the same vein as the RQ2 catalog:

I have said this on other threads, but there is no rights issue with the vast majority of RQ3 material. If you look at the credits page of almost ANY RQ3 supplement your will see that it is copyrighted by Chaosium and not by Avalon Hill. Greg made very sure that they retained the copyright, and when he left Chaosium his part of the split was taking all of those copyrights with him. Moon Design Publications owns all the rights to RuneQuest and Glorantha, both in terms of trademarks and IP. So why haven’t we reprinted more RQ3 product? It’s just down to time and resources. We do not have electronic copies of any RQ3 material in a laid out form. Those layouts were all done as cut and paste until late in the life cycle of RQ3, and Avalon Hill deleted the layout files for whatever they had for the last books in the RQ3 line several decades ago. That said, a few RQ3 books may get released as “Classics”, but they haven’t even been started yet. To be fair, getting a copy of Dorastor, Sun County, and similar isn’t that hard on eBay, and you probably wouldn’t have to pay more than $30-$40 for any of them if you have a bit of patience. I know a few sellers have copies listed for far more than that, but those don’t sell. If you are based in the US, feel free to send me your want list of RQ3 items you are looking for.

Rick Meints, BRP Forums

Elsewhere on Arachne’s web

Griselda’s bedtime stories

Friend of the show Pookie, from Reviews From R’lyeh fame, has an ongoing YouTube series where he reads the Griselda Tales, written by Oliver Dickinson. That’s a great way to relax before going to sleep, or something nice to listen to while cooking or working out… after you’ve finished listening to the latest Wind Words episode of course!

The latest video in the series is Episode 14: Holding the Baby:

And if you want to read them in chronological order, instead of published order, the Timinits & Trolls blog has that all figured out for you!

The Complete Griselda tales are available in PDF from Chaosium.

Jason Durall on the GrognardFiles

Jason Durall, Chaosium’s line editor for RuneQuest: Glorantha, is a very busy man, as he’s also a line editor for the Conan RPG at Modiphius. Since this RPG is based on the quintessential sword & sorcery tales of Robert E. Howard, RuneQuest players might find some interest in learning more about it…. and what best for this than Jason being interviewed by Dirk The Dice on the ever excellent Grognard Files podcast?

Greg Stafford’s plan B

Speaking of Conan, here’s an unexpected thing: when Greg Stafford founded The Chaosium in 1975 (it had a “The” back then!), his backup plan was a wood-carving studio. Only a few specimens of Greg’s wood work exist, but some lucky fan obtained this Hyborian-related art piece on eBay:


Taking a look at these Gloranthan coins

Back in Wind Whispers #3, we mentioned that Campaign Coins, makers of fine RPG related tokens, had announced Clacks, Lunars, and other familiar types of coins. If you want to see what they look like in video, Loscha has you covered with the coins he recently received.


Of course, Chaosium got a bunch themselves.

Trollpak Review

Timothy Brannan’s RPG blog and publishing outlet “The Other Side” recently had a review of Trollpak, the classic RuneQuest supplement that made it possible to play as everybody’s favourite munchers (including recipes for better roleplay!). The review goes over the contents of the books, adds a touch of context and a history, and overall highlights how innovative Trollpak was, especially in terms of showcasing non-human factions as something else than purely one-dimensional monsters.

Timothy is also an RPG author, and you can find his stuff, among other places, on DrivethruRPG and the DM’s Guild (and note that these are affiliate links for him, not for us!).

Trollpak is available in PDF directly from Chaosium.

Map of Dragon Pass

WayneBooks, a fine purveyor of used and out-of-print games, has recently posted a blog article about Dragon Pass (the old board game) and its history. For those of you who not lucky enough to own a copy, the article contains many pictures of what’s in the box. Note that WayneBooks has several Glorantha-related items for sale, including Dragon Pass itself.

Interview with Pavic Tales founders

Shannon Applecline, the RPG industry’s most prominent historian, recently ran an interview with Mark Corbett and Jim Mozley over at RPG.net. Mark and Jim are two of the founders for Pavic Tales, the first known RuneQuest fanzine, which ran between 1987 and 1989.

If you want more RPG history, you can visit Shannon Applecline’s website and purchase the awesome “Designers & Dragons“, a series of books that each cover a decade of industry news and gossip in detail. This includes, of course, a history of Chaosium’s early years.

The Dice are Screaming: A Rough Guide to Glamour


RPG podcast “The Dice are Screaming” did a review of “A Rough Guide to Glamour“. We’re pretty sure there wasn’t any live performance of “Pelorian Rhapsody” in there, unlike on our own podcast, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t just as interesting and entertaining.

You can listen to their episode over here.

RuneQuest Thursdays


The D-Infinity game network runs RuneQuest articles every Thursdays on their website. This week’s article is about Sir Ethilrhist’s Black Horse Company, while, for instance, a previous week focused on the ever lovable Tusk Riders. Most of these articles are from Clint Staples, and they cover a wide range of RuneQuest or Gloranthan topics… something else to read every week!

Meanwhile, on Earth

Baboons with knives and chainsaws!

Undated Knowsley Safari Park handout photo of baboons at the park in Merseyside unpacking a visitors suitcase on the roof rack.

These roaming bands of baboon bandits are out of control!

Another rebel naiad

It looks like we found another river spirit rebelling against Magasta’s orders to plug the hole in the centre of the world… look at her going upwards, apparently under the influence of Orlanth

New research on the origins of human population in the Americas

The evidence is a bit strenuous, and therefore still hotly debated, but some new discoveries in Mexico could indicate that humans have been living on the American continent for a lot longer than previously thought. This date has been steadily pushed back since the Clovis culture theory of the 1950s, but we are now possibly looking at as far back as 33,000 years ago.

The third instalment of this newsletter, and tardy Jörg’s first go at it.

Happening soon (or even right now)

As I am preparing this for publication, Gencon 2020 is happening online. All the games are full, but there is streaming of “stage events”, using the “Looking Glass” and other activities you’d usually do in person. There is discord to chat with other convention visitors, and more.

Chaosium News

Gloranthan Coins from Campaign Coins

Fresh “from GenCon”:

Glorantha Coins - Campaign Coins

The people at Campaign Coins present:

“We are gearing up for #GenConOnline so here is our first new release: RuneQuest Coins, straight from the pages of Chaosium Inc’s The Guide to Glorantha. Find them at www.campaigncoins.com on Thursday 30th July 10 AM EDT, as soon as Gen Con Online begins. May Issaries bring you good fortune!”

Chaosium at PaxOnline

“PaxOnline is taking place from 12th-20th September. No, that’s not a typo. This is indeed a nine day long event! With content running 24 hours during those days. Or “24/9” as they call it over at PAX.

Our convention coordinator Todd is working with PAX on the program for pre-registered tables of RPG events. So it’s now time to start recruiting GMs!

At this stage, just email todd@chaosium.com with the following details:

Full name.

City/Timezone you live in.

Game system(s) you want to run – Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Pendragon, 7th Sea, HeroQuest/Questworlds, Prince Valiant.

The online system(s) you prefer to use to run games, e.g. Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, Zoom, etc.

Chaosium Unveiled: RuneQuest – Roleplaying in Glorantha

Here’s the latest Chaosium Unveiled video: take a look inside RuneQuest – Roleplaying in Glorantha.

Available from Chaosium (jncludes PDF) and DriveThruRPG.

“Greg Stafford’s supreme creation brought fully up to date with the presentation it deserves and tremendous added depth. A fitting memorial. STYLE – 5/5. SUBSTANCE – 5/5: Can it go higher than 5?”—Paul StJohn MacIntosh, RPGNet review.

“One of the most stunning RPG books ever made”—Games Vs Play.

Chaosium Staff on Orkenspalter TV

Four Chaosium staff members (Lynn Hardy, John Wick, Jeff Richard and Jason Durall, in the sequence of their introductions) met with the German role-playing channel Orkenspalter TV for a video-conference which went on lively for almost two hours, starting with the question “What makes a game a Chaosium Game?” The English language episode is available on youtube. I watched it live and thought it could have gone on longer.


“Orkenspalter” translates as “Orc Cleaver”, btw. The channel has been around for many years, and has produced German language movies alongside with reports on various forms of the hobby. Maybe you have some German language skill that could use a little training?

Jonstown Compendium

Glorantha keeps rocking the Drivethru community content, with the first six entries all Jonstown Compendium items. The current 25% rebate on many of the JTC items may have something to do with that, but this is still quite the achievement.

I had started my writing with “No new items this week”, but being late proves me wrong.

Who would have thought that we would ever read that complaint “no new items this week” for RuneQuest or Glorantha publications? Many of us remember periods when seasons or entire years went by without anything new.

And then be proven wrong?

The Dregs of Clearwine

A RuneQuest Scenario by Beer with Teeth, to wit: Kristi HerbertErin McGuireDiana ProbstDom Twist

“Set in the tribal city of the Colymar, The Dregs of Clearwine is a sourcebook for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, covering the mini slum that lies north of the Ram’s Head Inn. It features ten households, 25 fully explored NPCs with stats for RQG, and a host of minor characters. There are dozens of plot hooks and community events to help link characters to this area, and the people and even animals within. From potters to charcoal carriers, drunken ex-initiates to well fed butchers, the people who support Clearwine and the Earth Temple live, love, and die here. Some leave only to go to their vineyard work. Others vanish for months on end, and return with new scars.”

There is a print-on-demand option available.

Monster of the Month: Dolorous Edd

A sad creature that may be roaming Dragon Pass, by the indomitable Austin Conrad:


Dolorous Edd is a new bestiary entry which describes an odd creature for use in your game of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha—a giant beast ruled by inscrutable instincts. Included in this supplement are:

  • A description of Dolorous Edd’s appearance, behavior, and abilities
  • A collection of rumors and scenario seeds to help introduce him to your Glorantha
  • How adventurers may establish a spirit cult honoring this creature
  • Several folktales illustrating Dolorous Edd’s behavior, and what Gloranthans of the Dragon Pass region believe about him”

News from the French language RQG

The talented cartographer Thomas Rey is currently working with Deadcrows Studios on the French version of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. He has posted a teaser of “Vert-Cuivre” (the Ernaldori village of Greenbrass?)

and a work-in-progress of Swenstown, on Twitter:

And that’s it for now, unless this newsletter gets even more delayed. Terribly sorry about that!

Hello! Welcome to my first time taking our new “Newsletter’” out for a cruise and it’s also our second edition! Now to start, this issue will be similar to our premier issue but not quite the same, After all, Ludo and I might also be called similar but not quite the same. Even better, I expect Jörg’s 1st kick at Wind Whispers’ tyres (scheduled for next week) will also differ. Fantastic! Three opinions for the price as one—cheap and worth every single bolg! 

Fer a start, I am not sure this is a newsletter. I see it more as an ever changing series of weekly Hot Link’s pages embedded on our website—with the emphasis on HOT!  Although I can also see it as a form of “community newsletter.” You know, the kind that North Americans know and love! The kind that shows up in our mail boxes on a regular schedule with lots of ads, not the annoying kind, but the ones that are really meant to be of use to their chosen communities, sandwiched around and between a few articles of interest to that very same community (granted, we do not get paid to tell you of items of interest to our community nor are we asking to be, so these really aren’t your usual ads). Hmm, a cool email newsletter you said, Ludo?

We hope to surpass that lofty mark and whether we are cool or hot at the end of the day it’s just a point of view! We look forward to hearing your points of view. Write or send us your 2 Bolgs Worth in an audio file to tribe@godlearners.com.


The Herald’s Podium
(in the Cloud)

Chaosium News

Chaosium Running Cthulhu Masters Event At UK Games Expo ...

The Smoking Ruin & Other Stories
now in print

Available in hardcover and Leather. PDF included.

Time to head into the wild… a collection of ready-to-play scenarios for RuneQuest!

Well that is what the ad says. It’s for the new print copy of one of Chaosium’s early RQG PDF modules and one of their first forays into the lands just south of Sartar.

You can open to any random page and find proof that–yes Toto–you aren’t in Thedas, or Middle-earth, or Faerûn any more.”

Andrew Logan Montgomery, Exploring the Otherworlds of Fiction, Magic, and Gaming.

Now if you bought the PDF from Chaosium, you get the price of the PDF off the price of the hardcover! Check for a coupon in your email or ask for yours from customerservice@chaosium.com.

Heroquest Glorantha Sale

Three Great Gloranthan Treasures!

Narrative gaming in Glorantha and a must have for a game of HeroQuest Glorantha.
260 page full color hardcover +PDF, was $39.95 now $14.99

A great game supplement, written for HQ G but definitely much of it usable for RQ G. 
134 page full cooler hardcover + PDF, was $34.95 now $14.99

“If The Coming Storm was the perfect sourcebook, The Eleven Lights is the perfect campaign”—RPG.Net
The RQ usability remains in this great conclusion to the HQ classic, the Red Cow Saga, but there will be a little work needed to be done by the GM to make it so.
180 page full color hardcover +PDF, was $34.95 now $14.99

No date is given for when this sale ends.

White Bull | Episode One on YouTube

Those disappointed in missing this live game with Jeff Richard GMing his intrepid band last week because it was restricted to customers of Twitch will be happy to know it is now available on Chaosium’s YouTube Channel for free. Did not have enough tine to fact check this next note before publishing but Ludo has said that episode 2 is now available on Twitch, and says it seems to be viewable by all. Give it a check..

Jonstown Compendium News

Jonstown Compendium

Glamour goes gold!

“They said it wasn’t possible, that would violate ancient compacts and disturb the fundamental balance of the universe. And as ever, we Lunars have proved those pitiful nay-sayers wrong.
As a special “Thank You!” to all our devoted subjects, every Illuminated buyer will find a couple of dozen extra pages – “directors’ cut bonus features” – added to their Library on DriveThruRPG.“ Hail Moonson! We are all Us!

“Now, what do we do for an encore…?”

Nick Brooke (who claims to be an Illuminated Master) was obviously chuffed to announce that “A Rough Guide to Glamour” is the first Gold Best Selling product on DrivethruRPG’s Jonstown Compendium.

Jonstown Compendium Best Sellers!


Want to know who to cadge a beer from when we finally get to return to our “in-real-life” conventions?
Chaosium’s Michael O’Brien lets us know the standings of the many Jonstown Compendium items in terms of their sales. For the scoop on who leads the pack, so click here to visit this page on the famed BRP Central for all the details.

Okay gang, skill testing question; who’s the first JC Gold Best Seller? No-prizes will be awarded!

Convention News

Gen Con Event Registration Is Open!

Click here for your “port of entry” to the show…

Gen Con Online will be hosting many great Chaosium events. Please note that some are already sold out. You’d better hurry and register for your favourites before it’s too late! More info can be found on Chaosium’s blog post @ Chaosium’s Blog Cloud!

Of course there is a rumour that there are other events at Gen Con Online besides Chaosium oriented ones, On the of chance this is true (neither Jörg are lending this much credence), can someone check it out and let us know. No-prizes might or might not be awarded.

Miscellaneous News

Christmas in July!

A cool sale on DriveThruRPG!

Many Chaosium and Jonstown Compendium  items are on sale at this cool event and there may even be items from other companies! Click on the link above and then search for your favourite Gloranthan Goodies.

The Rumour Table

Printers Proofs for The Pegasus Plateau!

Shaking the dice, (clatter clatter clatter) and roll (click, clack click)… 62%, consults table and reads… 

The printer’s proofs have arrived for The Pegasus Plateau – the presses will be rolling soon!

Order the PDF from Chaosium now, and you get the full price off the printed product when it’s out later this year (October).
T: I believe that we will have to award this rumour a T for true!

An Austin Conrad Rumour?

And with a flick of the wrist the dice rhythmically reveal an… 11%

Hmm, I smell a rat, or a leak at the very lest


To the tribe:

I’ve got some news for Wind Whispers! (or maybe a rumour?)

A print on demand edition of Treasures of Glorantha: Volume One — Dragon Pass will be available in the near future on the Jonstown Compendium. The files have been approved by Lightning Source (the printer), and a print proof has been ordered. This is a 64-page softcover book printed with Lightning Source’s “Premium Color” setting.

In the future, I plan to provide simultaneous PDF and POD releases to longer works from Akhelas.


Okay, so Bernstein and Woodward we ain’t!
A: I believe we might just have to give this the other A, the rare one… A for Awesome… or Austin! Not sure how he will deal with MOB’s announcements just below, though. Sell more?

Notes from the
Green and Blue Marble

From Michael O’Brien Vice President for Chaosium

Please note that until further notice OneBookShelf, who run DriveThruRPG, has asked us (Chaosium) not to approve and pass on to them any further Print-On-Demand requests for community content. This is for operational reasons at their end.

You may not be aware, but the process to create each POD test print is time-consuming and sometimes problematic for OBS. For those reasons the practice was discontinued outright for the DM’s Guild. We are fortunate it is allowed on the Jonstown Compendium, but that is by their discretion. 

Chaosium has a very long-standing and successful partnership with OBS/DTRPG, which we are not going to take advantage of. Not every JC community title needs to be or should be available as POD. So, going forward, we have advised creators that only titles that have achieved Electrum seller status in PDF format (250 sales) shall be eligible for consideration for POD.

The Electrum threshold comes from us (Chaosium), not OBS. We have instituted this to help our community content programs stay in OBS’s good graces. We have to be mindful of how often we approve titles to get processed for POD publishing on DTRPG. They have a limited capacity to add POD titles on their site.

—Thanks Ludo! Good catch.

Digital Maps of the Ancient World

and another note from Ludo…

The reference website Digital Maps of the Ancient World (who mostly focuses on the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece) is going to hold a live Q&A session on July 30th with historian Greg Woolf for the release of his newest book “The Life and Death of Ancient Cities”. As such, people are encouraged to send their questions via Twitter, so they can be answered during the Q&A. There may be a lot of good stuff to learn during the Q&A that we can apply to Gloranthan games and stories!

time sensitive info above date to be noted is in bold

and now
a trip to the BRP Central Fora

Starting with Notes from Ludo (part 3)


“You can learn about Kabaddi, a sport that might originate from Bronze Age northern India (thanks to the keen eye of Sir_Godspeed). It’s definitely suitable as a past time in Dragon Pass… for more entertaining activities to put in your Gloranthan (or otherwise Bronze Age) games, our own Bill has a whole thread on the topic for you!”

Dragon Pass Pastimes

Thanks for the shoutout Ludo…(Bill)

Bronze Age Metallurgy

and now back to our weeks compiler—that rascally Bill!
… and its my turn shoutout one of our own…

Jörg has many interests and beer and metallurgy are but two of them He explores the latter in a series of links found in his topic on BRP Central @ the long-named topic: Iron, Steel and Swords – a very readable hyperscript for material science
Though the first link is devoted to steel, Jörg avers that it is useful to us bronze age devotees). 
Some of the works are “Nerd Core”, and they ain’t pretty but it is as advertised, very readable (and interesting as well)!

for convenience we’ll place some of the pertinent links below. Just click on the coloured words.

Native Copper: Who used the first metal (copper or lead), when and where?”

Luristan:The correct spelling for this region in Persian would be Lorestãn but I’ll stay with the popular Luristan. It qualifies as “sword place” because the remarkable iron…”

The Greek Age of Bronze: “In contrast to Anatolia and Near East, the earliest stages in the development of Mediterranean metallurgy appear only after about 5500 BC. During the late Neolithic of Aegean (ca. 5500-4500 BC) pins of copper turn up at Dikili Tash, Paradeissos, and Kitsos Cave, while two small daggers have been recovered from Aya Marina in Phocis. It was only during the following, Final Neolithic period (ca. 4500-3700 BC) however that Aegean metallurgy began to flourish…”

Oh and about that beer!

Sumerian Beer: The Origins of Brewing Technology in Ancient Mesopotamia

So, Salut, Auf Wiedersehen and Farewell

…and thank you for your kind attention! Stay tuned to your favourite Bat Channel at your favourite Bat Time for our next instalment of Wind Whispers. 


Here is our very first issue of Wind Whispers, our (hopefully) weekly Gloranthan news. You can register via RSS or via email to get these news delivered directly to your feed reader app or email inbox! Yes, email newsletters are cool again!

Chaosium News

The White Bull Campaign actual play has gone live on Twitch! This is a RuneQuest game GMed by Jeff Richard himself, and featuring a handful of other Chaosium players. Right now you have to be a subscriber on Twitch to view it, but it should be posted soon on Chaosium’s YouTube channel.


The printing proofs for The Pegasus Plateau have been approved, which means that this collection of adventures and settings for RuneQuest is going to print soon.


Finally, we were apparently so awesome with our Gloranthan podcast ramblings that Chaosium decided to join in the fun: they started their own podcast! Their first episode is an audio live play of “The Dead Within”, an upcoming Call of Cthulhu adventure, but they promise many other things in upcoming episodes such as developer interviews and news!

Sadly it seems to be only available on Spotify at the moment… we hope they will offer an RSS feed soon, along with adding themselves to the other popular podcast repositories.

Jonstown Compendium News

With the Jonstown Compendium releases routinely popping up in DriveThruRPG’s top community sales and even, sometimes, overall top sales, RPG news website ENWorld decided to take a look at it. You’ll spot many usual suspects taking a day off from the BRP Central forums to talk to the masses here!

New Releases

Secrets of Dorastor, written by Simon Phipp, provides everything you need to run a campaign in the Chaos-filled region of Dorastor, arguably the most dangerous place in Glorantha.

Speaking of Chaos, Dario Corallo continues producing Gloranthan themed “tokens” for use with Virtual Tabletops such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. His newest creation is focused around Chaotic creatures, so I guess that could come in handy when your party gets stuck in Dorastor.

Volume 3 of Sandheart, subtitled Tradition, is the newest entry in Jonathan Webb’s Praxian police procedural campaign. This time Jon went all out on the art budget, and this book is significantly prettier than the previous ones (disclaimer: Ludovic did one illustration in this book).

The Rostakori Clan, by Paul Baker, extends on the clan already presented in The Red Deer Saga books.

Petty Spirits is the new entry in Austin Conrad’s Monster of the Month series. It describes four spirits one could encounter in around Dragon Pass, complete with a bestiary-type write-up and stat block.

Trinkets from Dragon Pass is a very short (two pages!) list of small items one can encounter in the central part of Genertela. What the title says, basically.

Heort’s Legacy collects additional questions to add the HeroQuest (now QuestWorld) clan questionnaire featured in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. This allows players to make clans that vary from traditional Earth and Storm alignments.

Valley of Plenty is now available in Print-on-Demand! If you’re not a PDF-person, now is your chance to get this wonderful introduction to Glorantha and HeroQuest/QuestWorlds.


Rumours and Upcoming

Diana Probst, of Beer With Teeth, is teasing their next book on Twitter: The Dregs of Clearwine. She even did it twice!


Other Publications

The Black Gate, a long running online fantasy magazine, has an article about the excellent HeroQuest campaign books The Coming Storm and The Eleven Lights.


Italian people, a version of the RuneQuest Quickstart is now available in your language:

Moving Pictures

Dethstrok9, who usually makes videos about Call of Cthulhu on his channel, recently fell into a RuneQuest-shaped hole and hasn’t quite come back out yet. He is in the middle of playing The Dragon of Thunder Hills, from the RuneQuest Gamemaster Screen Pack. He posted part 3 of this live play this week.

Overheard At The Market

Ever wanted to know what Bronze Age cuisine tasted like? Bill Sutherland, over on twitter, has tried a Mesopotamian recipe from 1750 BCE, and written about this culinary experience!


This is a nice and quick read while we wait for the official Gloranthan Cookbook… and speaking of food, Newt Newport, from D101 Games, has edible Duck Runes with duck in them!


The recent launch of The Last of Us: Part 2 triggered a debate around the portrayal of “buff women” in video games. Jan Popisil, artist of Gloranthan video game Six Ages, shared his favourite relevant illustrations, such as these:


Find someone who loves you as much as how Babeester Gorites love severed hands!

And speaking of Six Ages, here’s a teaser from the next Six Ages game, “Lights Going Out” (can you guess what Gloranthan period it is set in?):


Ian from Fenris Games has shared several pictures of some cool Gloranthesque miniatures on Twitter… the pumpkin bear is especially cool! Here’s one of the pictures:


We would like to remind you that Ian is the guy who has some Rune tattoos on his right arm, in case you were doubting his dedication:


If you want more Gloranthan tattoos, there’s a thread on the RuneQuest Facebook group with a few awesome ones!

KlêiosCanvas is continuing to create very evocative Gloranthan art and is, apparently, available for commissions!

Seven Ancient Moon Goddesses

Meanwhile in the Real World

A vast Neolithic circle of “deep shafts” has been found around the Durrington Walls site, near Stonehenge. What kind of Dragonewt magic is this?!


That’s it for this week! Did we miss anything? Contact us at tribe@godlearners.com and we’ll feature it in next week’s issue of Wind Whispers!

The news dropped shortly after we recorded our first episode: Petersen Games announced late backing to be available for Glorantha: The Gods War. The game is hard to find outside of the second-hand market, since it has only seen a limited print run after its first Kickstarter. This second Kickstarter might be the only way to get it for a long time, as explained in this recent Kickstarter update.

If you missed even that second Kickstarter (which closed last month), you have one last chance to get in as a late backer on Pledge Master.