Glorantha Initiation Episode 11: Juan, and the Most Unlikely Glorantha Book to Start With

In episode 11 of our Initiation Series, we chat with Juan Ochoa, an illustrator that fell in love with Glorantha with the most unlikely book you could ever start with. And he wishes he had…Read more

Episode 15: People of Glorantha: The Tusk Riders

Our guest for this episode is Dom Twist of the Beer With Teeth writers’ (and gamers’) collective, known for his contributions both in a couple of Chaosium publications (Pegasus Plateau's Crimson Petals, and Weapon and…Read more

Glorantha Initiation Episode 10: Chris, the Weird Magic, and the Importance of References

Episode 10 of the Glorantha Initiation Series is with Chris Webb, who played RuneQuest 2nd edition once in the early 1980s, and gave up after saving Gringle's Pawnshop from baboons. Him and his friends played…Read more