Glorantha Initiation Episode 6: Wayne, the Snakepipe Incident, Riding Bisons, and YGMV

For episode 6 of the Glorantha Initiation Series we welcome Wayne Peters, who played RuneQuest once in the 80s and hated it. More than 30 years later, Wayne returned to Glorantha with the Broken Tower,…Read more

Episode 10: Out of the Suitcase

Ludo and Joerg welcome Chaosium president Rick Meints to the God Learners podcast! We chat about news such as Pavisite fanzines, ChaosiumCon, RuneQuest streaming, and podcasts. We then talk about Rick's origin story, his "Index to Glorantha" book, foreign licensees, magazines, HeroQuest rules, LARPing, board games, collector items, and more!Read more

Glorantha Initiation Episode 5: Steinar, Sandals, Internet Memes, and the Elmal Rant

In this new episode of the Glorantha Initiation series, we welcome Steinar, aka Felix, aka Coffeemancer. We talk with him about convincing players to try RuneQuest, getting started with King of Dragon Pass, stealing Lunar…Read more