Wind Whispers #11


Hello and welcome to another issue of Wind Whispers. As always, if you’re reading this in a web browser, you can register by email to receive your Gloranthan fix directly in your inbox.

Last week-end we saw the Glorantha Games 2020 and AlbaCon 2020 online conventions, with lots of opportunities to play on our favourite Bronze Age fantasy lozenge. Do you have anecdotes to share? Summaries and play reports posted on your blog or social media? Share them with us!


Convention of Roleplay

James Chambers, a.k.a. JamesCORP from the Chambers of Roleplay YouTube channel (which features a couple of Gloranthan actual plays), is organizing the appropriately named “Convention of Roleplay” on December 19th and 20th. As is tradition these days, this is a fully online convention, so you can attend from wherever and whenever you are in the mundane spacetime.

There is no schedule available yet as the convention was only just announced, and they’re just calling on GMs to register games. If you have ever wanted to run a convention game, now is a good opportunity to do so! All the information you need is on the convention’s Warhorn page.


Casting a wide net on The Pegasus Plateau writers

On the Chaosium blog, MOB writes about how Jason Durall, line editor for RuneQuest, has “cast a wide net” when it came to putting together the adventures and settings of The Pegasus Plateau. You may also be interested in this older interview of Kalin Kadiev, art director on The Pegasus Plateau.

Which RuneQuest logo do you like?

Speaking of the Pegasus Plateau, some eagle-eyed (griffin-eyed?) community members pointed out that the RuneQuest logo typography had changed between The Smoking Ruin and The Pegasus Plateau. Here are the two covers:

The previous logo (on The Smoking Ruins) had also been in use for the three products inside the RuneQuest slipcase. The new logo had sneaked past us a few months ago at the bottom of the RuneQuest virtual backgrounds… Which logo do you prefer?

Loic Muzy shows off more previews

The French artist is still hard at work on the many, many illustrations of the Cults of Glorantha book (or whatever it’s called these days), but he took some time to share his take on the Trolls’ War God with us! What do you think?

Later, he also squeezed in another sneak preview…. can you guess what this is for?

Dragon Pass map work-in-progress

Chaosium shared this cartographic work-in-progress by Matt Ryan (who worked on some of the cartography in The Pegasus Plateau)… this is looking really nice and very readable:

Wait, did we say this was the map? No! This is only about 20% of the map!

Jonstown Compendium

Children of Melikaphkaz

Austin Conrad’s “Monster of the Month” series continues with “Children of Melikaphkaz“, which doubles as a preview of some other upcoming Jonstown Compendium entry called “Melikaphkaz: the O-God of Traps”.

Melikaphkaz is a Darkness god worshiped by those who build traps and defenses to create shelter in a hostile world.

This includes a new short-form cult, two new Rune spells, and, of course, some baddies to throw at your players: the titular children of Melikaphkaz and his immortal troll wife.

Elsewhere on Solara’s Web

Printed Glorantha Minis on HeroForge

The good people of the (unofficial) Chaosium Discord have been playing with HeroForge, a miniatures 3d printing service, trying to make designs for Gloranthan characters… check out what user Mirza was able to come up with: Jar-Eel, Harrek, and Gbaji!

Do you have HeroForge designs you’d like to share?

Tales from the Black Alynx

Neil Gibson, from The RuneQuest Project actual play podcast, is starting a new series called “Tales from the Black Alynx” in which he will talk to a variety of Jonstown Compendium authors. In the first episode he’s talking to Andrew Logan Montgomery, author of the very popular “Six Seasons in Sartar”. We’re glad to hear more Gloranthan authors interviews out there!

Review of The Smoking Ruins on RPGnet

RPGnet has a review of the first adventure book for RuneQuest:

Both setting and system deliver on everything they promised. The backstories go deep into the core of the adventures, the challenges are unique, the flavour is one-of-a-kind, the colours are vibrant, and the smells are breathtaking. It has a few warts (it could have helped the GM much more than it currently does), yet this doesn’t change anything. Buy, prepare, and play immediately; do not let it linger on your bookshelf.

Eric Vanel’s sculptures

Have you seen Eric Vanel’s sculpture of Jar-Eel before? Even if you have you can take a new look at it on Eric’s new website, which shows a few pictures of his creation process!

Meanwhile, on Earth

Heler isn’t happy about you

Check out this “wet micro burst” timelapse…. where in Glorantha is that?

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