Found Documents: Small Story Collection


This document is a collection of folk stories, travel anecdotes, and miscellaneous items compiled by a scribe named Kothenia Blackfingers, who may have lived in Western Esrolia in the late 16th or early 17th century. As far as we can tell, Kothenia used a variety of sources for her work, including other scribes’ documents, travelogues of merchants and philosophers, and her personal notes. This is a large collection but a lot of it suffered water damage. Here are the few stories we were able to recover so far1.

Allied Regrets

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really honoured to be a Voice of the Storm, but… you know, I remember seeing two spirits sent for me during the ritual. I think I… picked the wrong one. He really gets on my nerves. Have you ever seen a Priest of Orlanth change their… shit, wait, I see him coming back. Let’s continue later.

Interview with a new Storm Voice

Tenant Instructions

Do NOT forget to feed the crack in the basement floor once a week.

Instructions for house-sitting thane Meleros Toothgap’s estate in Belernos

Patrol Report

We got some complaints from the hamlet of Downstream-On-The-Left, where several people reported sights of some “evil spirit”. When we arrived to investigate, they pointed us to a large rock near the main trail, a couple hundred paces south of the last field. I asked what the problem was and the farmers told us that the rock “looks at them funny” when they walk past it. None of them could tell us if the rock had always been there. Molekarl jokingly hit the rock with his heavy mace and yelled: “Stop looking at people funny! Or I’ll split you in half!” We had other more important matters to attend so we left it at that, but when we came back a week later, the rock was gone. When I asked the locals about it, they said: “What rock now?

Interview with a thane of the Yellowstone tribes

Ad From The Kosh Market

For sale: left greave. Worn once.

Author unknown

Brick In The Corner

A brick in the back of the temple caught my attention. It featured the unmistakable prints of an alynx’s paws and buttocks, with a surprisingly well defined anus. I asked the builder about it and he said that one of the city’s felines was indeed responsible for this. The animal sat on a brick one morning while the brick (and many others like it) was drying in the sun. He did admit using his chisel to enhance the print, so he couldn’t really blame it all on the alynx. I asked him why he did that. He told me that the temple’s priest was “a bit of an asshole”, and that therefore his temple should have one too.

Excerpt from the travelogue of Olerian Marania

Love Is A Battlefield

He was a Storm Bull boy. She was a Humakt girl. It was love at first fight.

Discarded note, Nochet Dorandar theatre

Incident Report In Skase

Incident 3 (Clay/Fertility). Skase (two hours north of Alone). Building was found crushed. Nearby buildings intact. Locals tell us this is because other buildings have a spike in their roof, so Giants can’t stomp on them. Asked if Giant was spotted, locals said Giants come at night, they only heard the crash. Pointed me to a Giant’s footprint northeast of the town, saying they always leap from there onto village buildings. Footprint inspection: the heel shows marks of adze use in my opinion. The representative from the Alone Confederation Roof Builders’ Guild recommended to go back to the city before dark. Case closed. The owner contracted the Guild at premium level to rebuild the tenement with a spike.

Excerpt from Bakusun Ubarra’s “exceptional incidents” log of the Alone Confederation

1 Ok so what really happened is that Diana/Berra asked for blogging prompts on the Chaosium discord, and Mirza suggested “why small stories matter”. I’m not sure what that meant but Diana ran with it and wrote a few absolutely wonderful sort-of micro-fictions. So I’m doing the same here!

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