Call for Gloranthan Newcomers


We at the God Learner podcast would like to talk to the newcomers of Glorantha!

Art by Ludovic Chabant

We want to know how you discovered this mythical place, what drew you there, what you found difficult, what you found surprising, and so on.

So if you, or someone you know:

  1. Discovered Glorantha at the earliest around 2018 (which is about the time the new edition of RuneQuest was released)
  2. Are OK with appearing on our podcast (but see note below)

…then please reach out to us! Send us an email at, or check this page for other ways to get in touch.

Note: if you’d like to talk to us but can’t or won’t have your voice recorded and featured in a podcast episode, you can still reach out and we’ll figure something out!

We promise that your personal information won’t get used for extraction of magical energies, or for fuelling our expensive heroquesting explorations. Trust us. We are the God Learners.

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