At the start of each season, the gamemaster should generate a random event which may have significant events on the individual clan, tribe, or indeed all of Dragon Pass.

First, you should roll D10 on the Event Occurrence Chart below.

Each of these events can become the basis of an adventure. The gamemaster has considerable latitude in determining what these events mean and how to fit them into the campaign.


D10 Event Chart
1-4 No Event
5-7 Clan Event
8-9 Tribal/Sartar Event
10 Dragon Pass Event


D100 Event
01-11 Signs of troll activity discovered in clan territory
12-17 Herds troubled greatly by predators
18-21 Herds suffer little from predators; good hunting
22-30 Bandits in clan territory
31-33 Unknown strangers found passing through clan territory
34-38 Nonhuman strangers found passing through clan territory
39-41 Neighboring clan or tribe members discovered in clan territory
39-41 Caravan in clan territory, opportunity for unusual trade goods.
42-45 Neighboring clan or tribe members discovered in clan territory
46-52 Neighboring tribe raids clan’s livestock
53-57 Clan involved in legal action against another clan
58 Clan territory invaded by large herbivores – threat to crops
59 Mythical animal discovered while hunting
60-63 Opportunity to join livestock-raid against neighboring clan or tribe
64-68 Tribal leader visits
69-71 Famous Sartarite leader visits
72-73 Famous priest visits
74 Famous visitor from another Homeland
75 Famous visitor from afar
76-77 Gods angered – difficulty for priests at seasonal sacrifice
78-81 Gods pleased - easy time for priests at seasonal sacrifice
82-86 Proposal of marriage from another clan seeking an alliance with family/clan
87-90 Adventurers offered to become bodyguard to important leader
91-96 Clan musters to defend territory
97-99 Clan mustered to invade enemy clan
00 Involuntarily drawn into a heroquest


D100 Event
01-02 Outpost of major troll tribe discovered in area
03 Leaders muster against troll invasion
04-05 Extraordinarily rapid forest expansion reported (elf)
06-09 Exceptional forest death reported
10-12 Stone hills forming (dwarf activity)
13 Leaders muster against forest expansion
14 Leaders muster against dwarfs
15-20 Herds thrive
21-23 Disease or broo among livestock
24-25 Major brigand or bandit camp found
26-27 Settlers/squatters from neighboring tribe found
28-29 Decrease in caravan activity, diminished opportunities for trade and crafts
30-35 Increase in caravan activity, opportunity for unusual trade goods
36-37 Mines run dry
36-40 New mine found. D10: 1-2 bronze; 3 gems; 4 gold; 5 lead; 6 aluminum, 7 silver, 8 tin, 9-10 copper
41 Something from a prior Age or even from before Time is discovered.
42-43 Chaos remission
44-47 Chaos resurgence
48-57 Tribe initiates legal action against neighboring tribe/neighbor initiates legal action against tribe
58-61 Dragonewts active in area
62-66 Dinosaur migration into area
67 Dead dinosaur corpses discovered
68-72 Famous entourage from neighboring nation arrives
73-76 Priests report good omens – bonus to Rune
77-79 Priests report bad omens – penalty to Rune
80-82 Temple attacked
83-90 Tribe mustered to invade enemy territory
91-98 Tribe mustered to defend territory
99-00 Major outbreak of disease spirits


D100 Event
01-15 Fertile Earth. Harvest and Children rolls get +15% bonus next Sacred Time.
16-23 Troll nation on the move
24-26 Major invasion from another Homeland
27-37 Glowline fails for 1D10 days
38-40 River changes course
41-42 Tsunami or sea-quake affects lands next to Homeward Ocean
43-44 Ice falls
45-48 Coldwave. Temperate drops 2D20 degrees.
49-51 Heatwave. Temperature increases 1D10+5 degrees.
52-57 Winds become calm throughout region
58-61 Winds becomes strong or greater throughout region
62-67 Violent storms
68-72 Tremors. Magnitude 4.0 to 5.9. Felt by all, little damage.
73-75 Earthquake. Magnitude 6.0+. Much damage to buildings.
76-78 Drought for 1D8 weeks
79-80 Gods angry. All Worship rolls are at -40%.
81-86 Major rise of Chaos reported
87-90 New Chaos crack found
91-94 Old Chaos crack reported eliminated
95 Volcano formed
96 Mountain or hill disappears
97-98 Technological advance discovered
99-00 God/Major spirit crosses region